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Good practice example: Energy Company - Other Environmental Issues - High Conservation Value Areas
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Energy Company - Other Environmental Issues - High Conservation Value Areas

Energy company I is generating, transmitting and distributing power from renewable as well as conventional sources. In its non-financial report, I describes potential impacts that its activities (such as discharges or change of landscape) may have on biodiversity (eg. loss of habitats and species, production and spread of fires, changes in water quality).

Since I operates in several protected and high-conservation value areas, I makes a list of all facilities within or adjacent to these spaces, including information on:

I also discloses the number of species that are on IUCN Red List Classification that are potentially affected by I’s operations, divided by the extent of vulnerability:

I further describes specific projects and activities taken to prevent and minimize potential impacts on biodiversity in concrete areas divided by country, such as:

These activities are connected with I’s general biodiversity policy, including a goal of No Net Loss of Biodiversity by 2030.

This information can be found in Iberdrola’s Sustainability Report 2019 (SR), available here:

And other documents related to biodiversity that are linked in the Iberdrola’s SR: