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CCC Code of Behaviour
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  1. All players shall play cricket within the Laws of Cricket and in the true spirit of the game of cricket. All behaviour shall abide by the relevant association rules as well as these club rules.
  2. No player shall, during any match, whether on or off the field of play, engage in conduct unbecoming to the game of cricket or the Carnegie Cricket Club.
  3. All persons at Carnegie Cricket Club must be respected and vilification on any grounds is not tolerated at Carnegie Cricket Club. Any contravention or this rule will be regarded as a serious matter where the member  will be required to show cause why they should not be sanctioned and/or asked to resign as a member.
  4. All members shall:
  1. respect umpires, opposition players, officials, supporters and the games traditional values.
  2. not engage in any "sharp" practices or unfair play.
  3. not verbally or physically abuse anybody involved with cricket.
  4. not dispute the umpires' decision by word, action or gesture, nor react in a threatening or disapproving manner.
  5. when given out, move immediately and not indulge in tantrums
  6. generally assist umpires and officials in carrying out their duties.
  7. not indulge in "Sledging".
  8. not verbally or physically abuse opposition players or officials.
  9. not deliberately waste time.
  1. Captains shall be responsible for their teams' behaviour and:

*instruct players to avoid wasting time - incoming and outgoing batsmen should pass inside the boundary line and fielders should move quickly to position.

*brief players on the behaviour requirements and request that players conduct themselves in a manner that conforms to the traditional image and spirit of the game of cricket and ensure that players abide by fair play.

  1. No alcohol shall be consumed by a player on or off the ground, during any match.
  2. Players shall maintain a standard of dress consistent with that required by Carnegie Cricket Club and association rules
  3. Should any breach of this code occur or any action deemed to be detrimental to the game of cricket take place, the matter shall be reported to the committee of the Carnegie Cricket Club in accordance with Club Rules.

(a) The personal information which Carnegie Cricket Club collects will not be sold or given to any entities other than Cricket Australia via the MyCricket system and the relevant Cricket Associations that the club has joined.

(b) Cricket Australia may use your personal information in the manner set out in Cricket Australia's privacy policy which can be viewed at the Cricket Australia Website

(c) You acknowledge that although Cricket Australia aims to restrict access to personal information held within MyCricket through the use of passwords, Cricket Australia cannot warrant the confidentiality or privacy of any information so submitted to, or stored in, MyCricket. In certain circumstances, the information will need to be disclosed or used. To the maximum extent permitted by law Cricket Australia excludes its liability in relation to any personal information which is disclosed or used.


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