Friends of Newbury Town Library

Fiscal Budget Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2018.

Attendees:  Jean Ackerly, Maureen Haley, Pam Myers-Kinney, Joan Friedman, Linda Rivera, (volunteer filling in for Patty) and Tammy Cotter.

President, Maureen:  Nominate or elect Board Officers?  Patty not present for comment, Tammy will ask her. All Officers will remain the same.  Summer cross-training: Joan, Membership &  Mailchimp from Tammy.  Tammy, web page management from Maureen.  Linda (volunteer), view Facebook with Maureen.  Maureen, view Instagram with Linda and maybe set up Instagram Acct.  Sent over 30 Welcome Letters to new residents in past 6 months, will track them for new Member Signups. Will contact Gail at Council On Aging to promote us and publish our events, etc. on their Newsletter.

Tammy, Vice President:  Einstein program 9/18: have Meet & Greet prior to and again at Ted Reinstein program 9/27 - “New England General Stores”. Will touch base with board in Aug. to discuss. 90 current Members, no renewals in April or May.  Suggested a Member Campaign during Harvest Festival.  New Book Sale Room policy as problem with patrons stuffing bags: 10 books maximum on hard and paperbacks for $5.00.  Tammy will create new sign to post. Patron asked why we only have Newbury Hats and not Byfield hats-Tammy will check into prices, also for t-shirts. Will contact Sue Noyes at Town Hall to promote us on the cable tv station per Jean’s suggestion.

Pam, Treasurer:  FY 18/19 Budget: $12,825. Board voted in favor of: Children’s $4,000, Adults $4,000, Friends Expenses $1,100. Passed handouts of budget details. FY17/18 as of June 7:  Expenses $13,015.96 & Income $12,649.70. Advised the Board of a $100 gift card purchased to thank a photographer who volunteered to take pictures of NTL for  their website and we ‘gifted’ the Town with a medium size Newbury flag.  

Joan, Project Assistant:   Will create a flyer promoting caps and flags to post at Town Hall.  (Also, the Post Office (if possible).        

Patty/Julie, Secretary:  - Both unavailable, Linda Riviera filled in as Secretary.


Jean, Library Director:   Handout passed of statistics for museum pass use, Children’s  stats are low, recommended the Aquarium instead, will ask the Trustees to pay for Children’s.  Mentioned that the Friends donation jar should be out during Friends sponsored programs offered.  Working on Welcome packets, 10-12 residents applying for library card each month.  Friends can come in to help put packets together.

Katelyn, Youth Director  (on vacation).

Calendar:  Harvest festival October 13th  (Joan not available that day).

Next meeting dates confirmed:  Sept 6th, Oct, 4, Nov 1, Dec 6th.