RenWeb 1 - Create ParentsWeb Account

Created October 20, 2017 - Phil Sanders

To create an account in ParentsWeb, you must have an email address in RenWeb. This is usually done as part of the admissions process.

Go to the Academy ParentsWeb login page at

On the login page:

  1. Make sure that the district code is DLCS-TN. It should be pre-filled.
  2. If you’re interested in the RenWeb Home App, these links will take you to the App Store or Googleplay to download the app.
  3. Click on the Learn More link to see a video about the app.
  4. To create your ParentsWeb account, click on Create New ParentsWeb Account.

Please note that the RenWeb Home App costs $4.99 per year per family. This is charged by RenWeb and is not controlled by the school in any way.

  1. Enter the email address that is in RenWeb.
  2. Click on Create Account.

You should receive an email with a link to create your account. Please note that the email may sometimes go to a spam folder, junk folder, or all email folder.

Click on the link in the email.

The link should take you to a screen like the one below:

  1. The Username should be your email address. I recommend leaving that unchanged.
  2. Delete the existing password and type in the password that you want to use for ParentsWeb.
  3. Retype the password to confirm it.
  4. Click on Save Username and/or Password.

You should get a message at the top of the screen saying that the Username/Password was successfully updated.

Return to the ParentsWeb login page at

  1. Make sure that the district code is DLCS-TN.
  2. Enter your username (your email unless you changed it).
  3. Enter the password that you just created.
  4. Make sure that Parent is selected (students can also create ParentsWeb accounts).
  5. Click on Login.

If you have problems creating your account or logging in to ParentsWeb, please contact Phil Sanders ( Please include your child’s name and grade level.