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Pass the Jail/Prison Moratorium call script
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We are Families for Justice as Healing and The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls. Our mission is to end the incarceration of women and girls.

The 5 year Prison and Jail Construction Moratorium will give us the opportunity to focus on releasing women, implementing real alternatives, and investing in community-led solutions that create real safety and well-being.  

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Governor Baker vetoed the Prison Moratorium on August 4.

The legislature has the power to call a special session to override the Governor’s veto!

The people of Massachusetts are calling on the legislature to finish what they started and pass the Prison Moratorium!

Please consider calling and emailing you State Rep and Senator

Find your legislator: 

Script: “Hello my name is _________________ and I’m your constituent. I’m not happy with how the legislative session ended. I know the legislature has the power to come back and override Governor Baker’s veto of the Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium Bill. I’m asking you to finish what you started and Pass the Moratorium! We can’t afford to wait until next session! Thank you.”

…and post up on Twitter!

Option 1 especially for #FreeHer 5K Participants! Take a selfie with your bib!

I did the #FreeHer 5K to demand that you get the Prison Moratorium over the finish line @KarenSpilka @RonMariano!

Call a special session to override Governor Baker's veto! Let's build up people, not prisons in the Commonwealth!

#NoNewWomensPrison #MApoli

Option 2

Almost doesn't count @KarenSpilka @RonMariano!

1) Call a special session

2) Override Governor Baker's veto of the Prison Moratorium

3) Invest in communities not incarceration

If you’re for the people!

Because we need 0 new prisons in MA!

#NoNewWomensPrison #MApoli

Option 3

Override don't compromise @KarenSpilka @RonMariano!

Come back and pass the Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium. We can't afford to wait until next session - Now is the time to build up people, not prisons!

#NoNewWomensPrison #MApoli