Class Title                             Instructor                        Description

Beginner European Dance

THLady Katerina Ravenshaw

Join us to learn fun and easy medieval dances! No partner required! Ages 8+

Old Norse Runes

Thorsteinn Mikjalsson

Runes were inscribed on stones, wooden objects, weapons, and even books. Runic writings encompass magic, personal messages, weapon names, and the world's oldest preserved Norse law code and musical notation. Learn about the mythical origin behind the Norse Futhark runes, how they may have come to exist, how they were used, and how to write your name in runes.

Viking Health Care

Michael of Drakenmere

An exploration of the capabilities and thought processes of the viking methods of health care. We will explore how vikings viewed disease and injury, and their methods of treatmen.

Riddles, Boasts and Flytings: The Weaponry of Words

Duchess Katrina of Iron Mountain

An overview of three formalized types of verbal expression in Anglo-Saxon England.  Children to be accompanied by an adult

History of Meridies

Duchess Katrina of Iron Mountain

Reviews the origins of the SCA, Meridies, and her two "children," Trimaris and Glean Abhann.  Includes artifacts, legends, and songs.

The Viking Board Game Tafl: with Corrected Rules

THLady Rosamond Playfayre

 Found in sagas, carven in wood and even in stone, this Viking game of "fortress and attackers" was played wherever Vikings settled in Europe. Learn the Lapland version Tablut with the new ACCURATE rules translation that make the game more challenging and balanced. Optional fee: $2 for board and rules handout to bring back to your group.

Children’s Classes

Class Title                            Instructor                        Description

Children's Class: Norse Myths with Activities

Genevieve of Drakenmere

Intro to Norse Myths and an interactive discussion of the Vikings and their way of life. Activity to follow discussion: make your own 3D Viking ship. Ages 4-17, parents may attend.

Children's Class: Viking Weaving Techniques

Genevieve of Drakenmere

Learn about how Vikings wove their own fabric to make clothes and then practice weaving yourself! Choose your own colors to weave your very own bookmark. Ages 4-17, parents may attend.