Twin Cities Tap Festival Scholarship Policy & ApplicationTCTF_Full Logo_BLK.png

2018 Twin Cities Tap Festival Scholarship/Tuition Support Application

To apply:  Please submit this application, or complete the questions below and return to Brenna at 

Once a decision has been made about your request for financial assistance, you will be notified via email or phone. All applications are kept strictly confidential.

Please fill out the following information:


Dancer Name:___________________________________  

Parent/Guardian Name:____________________________

Dancer/Guardian Phone Number (to reach you in case of questions)   ______________________

Dancer/Guardian Email:_______________________________

For the applicant/parent/guardian to fill out

How many years/months of dance training has the applicant received up to this point and/or with whom have they studied?

Which sepcific classes will the applicant be registering for? 

How much financial aid are you requesting? (Must not exceed 75% of the student’s total tuition)

If you’re interested in work-study tuition reimbursement, what skills can you bring to volunteering for this organization?

What extenuating circumstances are prompting this request for scholarship? (use second page if necessary)

Admin ONLY:

Requested amount:

Approved amount:

Entered in database:

Scholarship discount registration code given: (yes  /   no  )