This is a school trip and students will be representing the school in numerous countries. This means that we need to be able to trust you on the trip.

  1. Be Academically Responsible

You need to be making your best efforts in classes by participating in class (asking questions, extra help when needed, etc.), and completing all your assignments.

  1. Be Present

Students need to be in school and on time when they are here. You are expected to be on time for class and should come with a note when late.

  1. Be An Example

When attending school and being on school-sponsored trips (sports teams, class trips, etc.) you are expected to be on your best behavior. This means using proper language when on school functions and respecting those you are interacting with, including opponents in sporting events.

  1. Be Respectful

The school has rules and students are expected to abide by them. Students should refer to the school handbook that was distributed at the beginning of the school year and that can be found on the school website.


These are the expectations for students once on the trip. This document will detail both the expectations and consequences if needed.

  1. Be Punctual

Students are expected to be on time at all meeting times. Remember when you are late you are not just stealing five minutes from your time but all other people on the trip. Students who are late will have a detention with an organizing teacher during free time opportunities.

  1. Be Responsible

Students are responsible for their own passports, money, identification, and medication. The consequences of this could be a lack of spending money for souvenirs or a loss of time to replace lost passports.

  1. Be Respectful

We will be visiting many important locations and sites. Students are expected to treat these sites and the people around them with respect and the honor they deserve. Students who are disrespectful at these sites will see free time privileges restricted.