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Natural Hazards and vulnerability of anthropic structures

January 31, 2019

8h15 Ice Breaker (coffee and French “viennoiseries”)

9h00  Mazars J. (CNRS INPG Professor) On the modeling of concrete structures in the face of natural hazards: Which model for which risk?

10h00 Risk assessment in the context of multi-hazards

10h00 Eckert N. (Irstea Research director) A formal framework to mountain risks assessment and optimal design of countermeasures with application to urbanized areas prone to avalanches or rockfall

10h30 Favier P. (Irstea Post Doctorate student) Multi-intensity fragility curves derivation : application to torrential flood

11h00 Coffee – Exchanges

11h15 Structures under impact

11h15 Acary V. (INRIA Research director) Time-Integration methods used for nonsmooth contact dynamics with friction and impact : From the Moreau-Jean integration scheme to alpha generalized nonsmooth methods 

12h00 Bourrier F. (Irstea Research fellow) DEM modelling of engineering structures and forest dedicated to rockfall protection

12h30 Lunch time

14h00 Le Maoult A. (CEA Research Engineer) Évolution des méthodes et outils expérimentaux au laboratoire d’Étude de Mécanique Sismique du CEA

15h00 Earthquake engineering

15h00 Candia G. (Associate Prof. Univ. Del Desarrollo - Chile) Ground Motion Correlation in the Chilean Subduction Environment

15h30 Jaafari C. (INSA Lyon Doctorante) Impact of early age damage on the seismic vulnerability of reinforced concrete structures

16h00 Informal discussions        

INSA Lyon : Freyssinet amphitheater – 31 Janvier 2019