COVID-19 Travel Guidance for ASD Staff and Students

This guidance applies to all ASD staff and students regardless of age who return from travel outside of Alaska.  

Travelers are required to submit a negative SARS-CoV2 test result from a test taken no earlier than 72 hours of arrival into Alaska.

If traveler chooses not to get a SARS-CoV2 test:

Fully-Vaccinated individuals:

Travel outside of Alaska for less than 72 hours:

Prior confirmed positive SARS-CoV2 result within 90 days of departure:  (All Travelers)

  1. The traveler provides proof of a previously positive result of a molecular based test for SARS-CoV2 within 90 days of travel;
  2. The traveler is currently asymptomatic;
  3. The traveler submits the positive result with the date to your school nurse (student) or supervisor (employee).


Can I come to work/school while I am social distancing?

        No. You can not return to work/school during strict social distancing.

Does my child under the age of 10 need a SARS-CoV2 test when returning from travel?  

Yes. All ASD students, regardless of age, are required to obtain a negative test or strict social distance for 10 days after returning from travel.  

I had my first COVID-19 vaccine. Do I need to get a SARS-CoV2 test and strict social distance?

Yes.  You are required to obtain a negative test and maintain strict social distance until the results are available.

I am fully vaccinated and do not want to get a SARS-CoV2 test. Can I go straight back to work/school after returning from travel?

No. If you choose not to get tested, you are required to social distance for 10 days even if you are fully vaccinated.

I am fully vaccinated and had a SARS-CoV2 test either 72 hours before arrival or upon arrival back in Alaska. Do I still need to social distance while awaiting test results?

You must not return to work/school until you have received a negative test result.

I traveled to Fairbanks for four days. Do I need to get a test to return to work/school?

        No. These requirements only apply to travel outside of Alaska.

I am fully vaccinated and my SARS-CoV2 test came back negative; however, another traveler in my household tested positive.  What am I supposed to do?

If the fully-vaccinated person is asymptomatic and tested negative, then they can return to work/school. The traveler that tested positive (even if fully vaccinated) must remain in self-isolation and must not return to work/school until cleared by a Municipality or State Healthcare Provider.

 If I choose to social distance, when does the first day start?

Day 1 is the day your plane landed in Alaska. You can return to work/school on Day 11.

May I use an ASD school testing site after returning from travel?

No. You must get a SARS-CoV2 molecular-based test at the airport or any municipality-funded site or your healthcare provider.