A Holiday Survival Series: Part Five        

New Years Eve

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve made it into the final stretch of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is long gone and the only remnant of Christmas is the tree you haven’t taken down. Now there’s just one big event to go -- New Years Eve. Don’t worry, we’ve got a list of 2018 Resolutions coming up soon, but for now, let’s finish Deceased Pet Care’s five part Holiday Survival Series, and together, make sure this New Years Eve sets you up for happiness and success in 2018. Here are three ways to be prepared with a pet this New Years Eve.

It’s the most stressful time of the year.

While you might be breathing a sigh of relief you made it to another year, your dreams of future success, and reflections of gratitude might not be shared by your pet. In fact, there are several reasons NYE is statistically one of the worst times of year for your pet. It can be for a few key reasons: parties, visitors, and fireworks.


New Years Eve is usually a reason to host a boisterous party. Full of loud music, imbibing a bit too much, streamers, party poppers, and lots of guests. We don’t want to suggest you don’t celebrate the end of one year and the coming of the next, but just make sure your consider your pet in the process.

First, create a safe place for your pet. Give them a room that is off limits to non-family members. Fill it with warm cozy blankets, a chew toy, a fresh bowl of food and water, and maybe an old t-shirt so your pet can feel like you’re in the room.

Finally, make sure to clean up the party before you let your pet out. Almost everything in parties can be dangerous to pets. All the extra snacks, small bit of plastic and foil strewn about, alcohol, and of course the always tempting trash. While your first reaction might be to let your pooch out, make sure things are clean before they are free to explore.


We don’t want to say visitors are a bad thing. To us, they’re one of the best parts of the holiday season. Just make sure you establish some house rules before your pet’s safe place gets flooded with unknown faces.

We recommend having that safe place we mentioned earlier ready just in case. Let your guest know what is and is not okay when it comes to your pet.

Finally, keep a close eye on your pet. All the craziness can cause them to act out of character. This isn’t their fault, and it’s unlikely to happen, but it’s best to be watching just in case.


Fireworks are the main event of New Years Eve. They’re also the main cause of anxiety for your pet on the big night. Loud noises are often frightening and overwhelming for pets. If possible, have a quiet dark place where your pet can go.

If you have the chance, slowly prepare your pet for the night by playing firework sounds a few days before. Start soft and gradually build up to louder displays over the next few days. This way your pet knows that fireworks are normal and not a cause for alarm.

Finally, take your pet out for a long (and exhausting) walk before the festivities are about to begin. Your pet is much more likely to be calm and relaxed after a bit of exercise instead of reacting off of pent up energy from the day.

With these few things in mind, we know you’re sure to have an awesome and celebratory New Years Eve. At Deceased Pet Care, we will sure be celebrating with our family, and our pets. Thanks for joining us on our five part survival series through the holidays. Check back soon for a list of ways to make 2018 the best year yet for your pet. Happy New Year!