LRYC Historical tidbits


1975 had dress regulations for flag officer caps and jacket sleeve which had up to five rows of rings.  1975 “Flag officers shall not hold office unless they are owners of a boat 15 feet or more in length at the time of their election.” Other documents in box:  WATER LOT LEASE 1987 Letter from CCGS ref water lot lease insurance having expired and insurance is a requirement under the terms of the lease.

1975 Fees and dues had to be paid by 31 May and if not by 15 Jun then the member shall be expelled.  1975 “Any member keeping a yacht shall be entitled to have himself and guests embarked upon and landed from his yacht by the servants f the club in the club tender.” 1975 “No cups or trophies are to be taken outside the county of Lunenburg without furnishing a suitable bond as decided upon by the executive.”

OTHER STUFF The box contained a copy of an indenture for the property at LRYC dated 18 Sept 1980 but the Grantor and the Grantee are both LRYC.  Not sure what this is all about.  It describes the club property of plus or minus 4.7 acres and the building lots at the west end of the property.  Previous property owners were John and Ruth Pernette Oct 1971 and C. and Delores Coulthard July 1969.

MEMBERSHIP May 1983: 64 2001: 77 Senior, 97 Social and 3 Outport.

SCUTTLEBUTT: 1986 Information to all float tenants sent out at start of season with reminder on guidelines. Shed bay doors reminder closed by 1 Dec  (1986 Scuttlebutt)

Nov 30 1987 Haul out fee increased to $5.50/foot. Membership $140 to $150 Social Membership $55 to $60 Floats $195 to $205 Mast storage $15 Shed bay $500 B&G reported $2,000 net profit. Motion to investigate purchase of hyd lift for boat yard. Nov 28 1988 B&G net profit $3,600. Water lot lease cost $1,872. Quote received for straddle carrier/travel lift $78,000 plus excavation. Membership fees $150 to $160 Social $60 to $70 Haul out to $6/ft. Float from $205 to $225 Shed $500 to $550 plus $100 for shed doors. Near the end of the meeting it was noticed that there was not a quorum and another meeting scheduled for early spring. Nov 27 1993 Motion to investigate a security system for club. Recommendation for a capital accounts fund with a $16,000 limit. Quite a discussion on LTS about money in was less than money out and LTS identified as a ‘feeble program’.  A lot of repairs to old boats and low enrolment hurt.  The program was adequately defended.

Club relocated Cook’s Oil sign as it was interfering with view from Coulthard house. VHF radio approved for purchase for club house. Discussion on method of hauling floats and a boom truck was mentioned.  Tree farmer was used to move floats and yard captain feared for the health of the tree farmer as “it is not what it used to be”. 21 Nov 1999 Committee Reports B&G net profit $5,431.   B&G received new commercial dishwasher, coffee maker. Poker Run 65 boats and 165 served at pig roast.  B&G took in $5600 over the two night event.  Donated $986 to SSRH CAT Scan fund. LTS reported a loss of $3268 due to low enrolment and maintenance. Commodore Reports member’s priorities as repair marine railway to optimum condition;reno club house; build LTS bldg; dredge water frontage; replace railway with travel lift; restore boat shed to optimum condition and build a new club house. Club water rights finalized. Safety railings on railway and life rings installed. Railway repaired. Shed floor leveled. Replaced washroom sinks. Installed draft machine. New cash register. Purchased four new Opti boats for LTS Investigate general storage bldg. “Professionally installed electrical supplies to wharves, to building code standard.” Purchased and installed two new wharf ramps. Special general meeting 13 June 1999 to establish club priorities and volunteer list.

Constitution review. New LTS ladder. New tender dock proposed to move from back of club to current location. Add one main and one finger to north wharf. It was identified that the club constitution required a ‘Winding Up’ clause.  Other constitution issues included proxy votes and % of members required for amendments to constitution.  Special General Meeting planned for 30 Jan 2000. Moved that changes to Act of Incorporation required % 66 of voting members. 5th Draft to Constitution 17 Nov 1999 was carried excluding clauses relating to Social Members. Proposed another Special General Mtg be held Jun 2000. $5000 approved for LTS bldg. Motion to cancel Poker Run carried.


Club started paying the tree farmer operator and volunteers no longer operated the equipment. If a boat was not launched by 1 July the owner was charged $5/day summer storage as per the club bylaws. There were three fingers on the then North wharf and five on the south wharf, one of which was rented to the RCMP. Scuttlebutt advertised for all trophy winners to return trophies by the end of May.

Sept 1990 the club property was appraised by Joudrey Appraisals. Fair market value for entire property $325,000.  Replacement of the boat shed was estimated at $50k while the club house replacement cost would be $69k. I went through the 50th anniversary document written by Ms Denyse Lee and published in 1997 and found it interesting and informative.  I noticed that there were three (four really as Mr and Mrs Couthard are named) Life Members named in the document but I was under the impression that Mr Dechman was the first of this category? I scanned the 50th Anniversary doc and the pictures contained in the appraisal file.

1994 from DNR ref club application for water lot lease.  Cost of $5/acre for first 5 acres and cost to be determined for remainder for a 5 year period and reviewed thereafter.  $200 admin fee + GST.  Also need signed survey of area requested.


New fuel tanks were installed June 1995. Sub-letting floats was not done without expressed consent from prime renter.  


Kitchen was renovated and a new dishwasher installed. $10 charge for use of whaler and mooring hauler. Finger float rental was $300. Gyn pole installed with 5 ton capacity. 1998  Liability insurance for boat owners required at $500,000 Concrete launch ramp installed June 1998. Concern about CCG removing buoys and fog horns due to the introduction of GPS navigation. It seems that the club started paying wages to the B&G staff this year 1998.  I think the club took over from people who were running the entity.



Installed auto power shut off for B&G grill and fryer.  Could this be the auto fire extinguisher system? Club employed a full time club manager. started. Winch house gas engine rebuilt. Planned for the installation of water filters. Finger float sublet rescinded the requirement for owner permission.  Rental is $5 for member and $12 for non member.

Jan 2002 covered AGM minutes:  

Fee for haul out was $9/ft.  Eqpt operator $35/boat. LTS bldg completed. Change member titles from Active and Social to Senior and shore. Eliminate Outport membership. Stop automatic annual 5% increase of fees. Membership fees Senior $200 and Shore $60. Prepay for haulout services and receipt for payment must be shown to yard captain. Pamphlet for new members to introduce them to the club. Club entities identified as hiring two managers.  One for B&G inside and one for outside functions

Spring 2002, the club manager was gone and 2 managers were hired.  One for B&G and another for gas, floats rental and maintenance and any other outside maintenance requirements. Railroad and south docks in dire need of repair.  Mentions the section from high water to low water had been replaced but does not mention the remainder except that repairs had been completed but for ‘one little bump’ that would be fixed next spring. 2002 LTS fees: member without boat $190 and non member $215. CLUB AGM MINUTES: (Note all AGM dates are in November)


There are a few copies/drafts of the club constitution in the box.  The oldest is, from what I can figure, 1975.  It was marked up for amendment in 1991.  The others are clearly dated 3rd Draft Nov 1999; 5th Draft 17 Nov 1999 and 7th Draft Oct 2000. Here are some items I have noticed comparing 1975 to 2000: Section II expanded to include Philosophy. Section IV had Outport members in all copies yet it was voted for removal 2002. Section VIII Discipline somehow lost the sentence where a member charged would be requested to attend the meeting deciding their guilt/innocence or fate. Section X Meetings All these docs stated the AGM to be in Nov of the current year.