Napa Valley College Faculty Association Union General Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2019


Rm. 860

  1. Announcements:
  1. 3 Keurig coffee makers for Faculty Lounge and HEOC office were approved to be purchased with Union dues. (M/S/A).
  2. By laws change need to go next month.
  3. New Part Time Spotlight will be up on website soon.
  4. We will have a quick Senate meeting at the end of this meeting.
  5. Kristie, Forest, Eileen, and Shawn will be attending CCA Conference this year, after Spring Break.
  1.    Negotiations Report:
  1. Administrative Evaluation of Contract and Tenured Faculty
  1. District offered a re-negotiation due to substantive changes to the contract.
  2. Union served a Cease and Desist Order after reviewing their proposal.  
  3. In the new proposal, the Deans are part of the administrative evaluation (includes the original checklist) and has many additional requirements with no real measure of each Evaluative definition.  We don’t know what the metrics are for “Meets or Exceeds Standards”.  The “Supports Students” section mirrors the language in the peer review of classroom observation.  The District plans to utilize the Student Evaluations to complete this section and leaves it very subjective.  AS President, VPAA, and Union President had a meeting to discuss these metrics further.  
  4. The Union was alerted to this form only because this form is already being utilized currently.  It’s important to remember that the Administration does not get to duplicate the Peer Evaluation Process.  Deploying the Admin Eval by the District without agreement from us is problematic.  Admin Eval is in the contract and is a parallel process but we did not agree to a duplication of efforts and blurs the boundaries.  They can’t have a process that supersedes the Peer Eval, the currently agreed process which was agreed upon by Mutual Agreement. If anyone has this new Admin Eval in their file, it should be shredded.  This is a clear violation of AB1725.   This is a grievance and quite insulting – where’s the respect for faculty and the process?  
  5. Distance Education, Media, and Website Compliance is another new section in which is being measured but we do not receive proper or frequent enough training to be evaluated.
  6. District stated: “The final, signed administrative evaluation packet will be maintained in the office of Academic Affairs.”  This statement violates Section 19.1 of our Union contract.  If your Dean has used the new long form, then it should be shredded. You can check your personnel file which should only be in HR, to ensure the long form for evaluation is not in there.  The District will be including a definition of the metrics.  But they need to wait for us to agree to this.  
  7. Comments from membership:  Clarification is needed:  Does “Meets or exceeds standard” a measure of 50% satisfactory?  Also, how are they going to be getting this information?  It needs to be based on the same info for each person and the methods identified clearly.  “Supports Students” section is not clear.  Kristi says this section will be eliminated.  One of the Deans has already done all of this.  It was noted Counselors and Librarians always had a different Admin Eval form.
  8. Reminder:  The Admin Eval was supposed to be triggered for use only if the Peer Eval had a red flag. The Office of Instruction used to oversee the Admin Eval.  It’s not that Deans can’t do an Admin Eval, but it’s bounded by parameters.  CTA Legal is reviewing this document issue.  Only Contract TT Evals have Admin Eval observation.  Deans should not be using the new, long form of the Administrative Evaluations.
  1. Part Time Office Hours
  1. District said NO
  2. They didn’t offer anything for Part Timers.
  3. They said sometime in the future they will offer something for Part Timers.
  4. Kristi will illustrate the Student Equity issue of not providing part timers office hours to support students.  If a student chooses a course taught be a part timer, these students will be negatively impacted when office hours are offered. Equal pay for equal work.  Students should have equal access to support for students. Statement will be read tonight at the Board of Trustee Meeting.
  5. We are encouraged to attend BOT meeting tonight at 6:30pm to be a collective voice.
  6. It was suggested that we have a petition of names supporting the statement for those who cannot attend the BOT Meeting.
  1. Faculty Chair Positions
  1. New ranges from 10-30%.  10% is the baseline with justification needed for higher percentages.
  2. 10% is 1.5 hours or $4668/yr
  3. 20% is 3.0 hours or $9336/yr
  4. 30% is 4.5 hours or $14004/yr
  5. Can be combined with other positions
  6. Core duties can be found on the position templates
  7. It is lowered due to the fact that we have increased release time for program coordinators.
  8. District’s stance is:  If Divisions decide they don’t like it, then they can choose to opt out and not be part of the shared governance process.
  9. Membership comments:  Concerned about this because this is the core leadership duties. Two meetings would be required and that exceeds 10% already!  This is ridiculous.
  1. Members who wore red today/raffle: Kristi, Forest, Carlene, Randy, Hope, Gwen, Elizabeth, Claudette, Christine, Diane V., Eileen, Jennifer, Bonnie, Shawna, Lynda
  2. Raffle winners:  Shawna, Robert M., Emery
  3. Meeting was adjourned early for Special AS Meeting.  Adjourned 1:25pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Melinda Tran

NVCFA Secretary