EMS RtI Protocol

Tier 1 - Universal, Core Instruction:  

All students receive the general education core curriculum in the general education classroom with research-based instructional strategies and qualified strategies.

Procedure for Tier 1:

Tier 2 - Supplemental Intervention: 

Tier 2 begins when Tier 1 interventions fail and more intense interventions are required. Students receive general educational classroom instruction plus a strategic intervention. In many cases, this will be enough to get a student "back on track." he appropriate level of support for each student is determined by assessment data.

Procedure for Tier 2:

Tier 2 Services:         

Tier 2 Indicators (not an exhaustive list):

Tier 3 - Intensive Intervention:

Tier 3 targets only 1-5% of students who are at high risk and require intensive interventions to succeed. Tier 3 students have not been able to close the gap through Tier 2 supports. Tier 3 intensive intervention consists of small group or individual instruction for students with severe difficulties and may include special education supports and community agency involvement.

Procedure for Tier 3:

Tier 3 Highlights:

Steps for Referring a Tier 1 student to the RtI Team:

EMS RtI Protocol - Updated 6/11/18