Conan Server Rules


Welcome Exile! By joining the PvE Life Exiles server you must read and abide by the rules below. Rules are subject to change at anytime. Exiles will be notified of such change in Discord.


General Rules

1.   No Cheating, Hacking or Exploiting

If an exile is found cheating, hacking or exploiting such exile will be immediately banished.

2.    Communications (Text or Voice)

No spam, racism, sexism, slurs, excessive cursing, hate speech, advertising. First offenders found in violation of this rule will be warned or immediately banished depending on severity of the violation. Repeated offenders will be banished.

3.   No Trolling or Griefing

Don’t be a troll or grief another exile. If in violation of this rule you will be banished.

4.    Reporting Violations

Please report any violations publicly in Discord.

5.   Wipes

We do not enjoy making everyone restart and aim to wipe as little as possible. Wipes should only happen when mandatory by funcom or if required due to unrepairable server malfunction.


World Rules

1.    Building Your Base - Location

Do not build near boss spawns, Ruins, rare thralls, rare resources, religious or pet spawns. If an exiles base is found in violation of this rule your base will be removed without warning.

Please reference the site below for locations of spawn points. If you have any questions about a location or if you think you may already be in violation please contact an admin to assist in validating the location.

References: Conan Exiles Map


2.    Building Your Base - Size & Number

Do not build excessively large cities. All clans are allowed up to 2 bases each At 15x15 max and high as you want. If you want a larger base ask a mod in discord for approval. Structures are allowed outside the bases, keep them close, please.


3.    Building near Volcano or Ruins

Do not build structures in the Volcano or Ruins as they will be removed and without warning.

4.    Do not block passages

Buildings found in violation of this rule will have doors or parts  of the building demolished so exiles can use the passage. Owners of structures who are found in violation of this rule will be notified in game if online. If offline will be removed without warning. Repeated offenders who violate this passage rule will be banished.

5.    Base Abandonment (decay)

Server is set to 15 days which the maximum decay time allowed. login every 14 days to refresh your decay timers.

If you agree to abide by the above rules we extend a friendly welcome to the PvE Life!


Enjoy your stay, be safe and have fun!