Jason Follansee, President

Jeff Leombruno, VP

Amy Vetter, Treasurer

Dennis Vigliotte, member

Ron Beaudry, member

Vinny, member

Jaclyn, member

Meeting called to order at 7:21pm.

Review of March minutes. Jason made a motion to accept, Amy seconded. Motion passed.

Review of Treasurer’s Reports from Jan, Feb, March.  Jason made a motion to accept all prior months, Jeff seconded. Motion passed.


Jason said he still hasn’t collected all the uniforms, has one team still outstanding.


Jason brough some documentation from Dave in terms of what needs to be done for soccer director. Documentation given to Ron to review.

Vinny came to discuss our soccer program, his desire to do a travel program and some frustrations from the prior season. Vinny would like to see our program become more educational. Jason expressed that’s tough with all volunteers. Much discussion ensued about the soccer program.


Kate wasn’t in attendance, but sent an update that Jason read. Teams are finalized. Two 10U teams, one 8U team. A couple girls got waivered down from 12U to play 10U as we didn’t have enough kids to play 12U. 2nd invoices from the league should be sent shortly. Schedule is almost finalized. She has a few items she’s requesting to purchase. Opening day in Epping will be Sat May 5th. 10U playoff tournament will be in Epping June 7th-10th. All star tryouts are Sunday, April 15th at 5pm at SU indoor facility. Will also be looking to host a pitching clinic.


Opening day is May 5th. Jason is hoping to have Ofc Hero come throw a first pitch. A couple coaches went to Big Al’s coaching clinic, but Jason was a bit disappointed by the turnout. Jason would be interested in attempting to make this mandatory for all coaches. Jeff mentioned there’s a bigger discussion here about continuing education for all coaches across all sports. Jason would like to have a “field prep party” this weekend at Mary Blair. We purchased a new batting cage as the cage at Mary Blair had a lot of damage from the past winter. Need Epping Well and Pump to come look at the water spigot on the first base side of Sue Russell field. Jason went through some equipment he needs for the upcoming season as well.


Jordenne was absent, but Jason gave an update. Holy Grail 5k profited $160. Sponsors for diamond sports are all set, some generous sponsors even gave us some extra money. Pizza Bingo is scheduled for next week, 4/18. We need volunteers to hand out pizza, and also needs people to donate baked goods for the bake sale. Reached out to Comcast to inquire about getting internet at Mary Blair, but would be a big process. Jeff recommended just getting an iPad with a data plan, rather than trying to get internet at Mary Blair. Also we could bring the tablet to other events, when EYAA sells snow cones etc. Continuing to look at serving ice cream at Mary Blair. Doing the hit-a-thon for baseball/softball this year. Looking at doing a Red Sox ticket raffle.

Meeting adjourned at 9:14pm.