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Manaiakalani Data Protection and Use Policy
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 Manaiakalani Data Protection and Use Policy


Data Definition

Data referred to in this policy is the information member schools share with Manaiakalani Education Trust for the purposes listed above.  Some data relates to individual students, and other data is only assessed at a group level (i.e. without association to any individual student). Individual student data will only ever be identified via EdPotential or any other approved contractor to the approved user/group.

Student information includes:

Specific Purposes For Which We Collect, View And Analyse Data

The ability to work collaboratively to accelerate achievement for our learners requires the Manaiakalani Research Team and Ministry of Education agents contracted through Manaiakalani Education Trust  to:


Data Gathering

The Manaiakalani Research Team, on behalf of Manaiakalani Education Trust, gathers informed consent from each member school Board of Trustees, representing their whānau and tauira. No data is gathered without this informed consent.

It is the responsibility of each Board of Trustees, via their own management, policies and processes, to communicate to whānau and gather any consents that pertain. For many tauira and whānau this will occur on the day of enrolment in the school.

Surveys, questionnaires and other data collections that deal directly with whānau will be subject to a separate specific consenting process.

Schools provide information electronically, once they have signed their consent and enabled access.

Data Access and Use

Raw data is accessed and processed only by the Manaiakalani Research Team. Schools retain ownership of any data shared with Manaiakalani Education Trust. Data is then uploaded into EdPotential.

Schools also provide student contact information from the Student Management System to MET so that households without internet connections may be identified and offered connections to support students continuing their learning from home  

All MET partners who require access to MET data are required to abide by this policy.

Data analysis arising from the collection of data is the property of the Manaiakalani Research Team on behalf of the Manaiakalani Education Trust and all member schools and clusters.

Manaiakalani has carefully layered authentication processes so that approved users and groups have access to the data they have approval for and have a right to.

Manaiakalani will not collect data that is non essential to our clearly stated purposes which have received informed consent.

Users of Manaiakalani held data must conform to the stated and consented purpose for for that data set.

Data Storage and Protection

All data pertaining to schools, teachers, learners, whānau will be protected in all ways possible by all members of the Manaiakalani Research Team from unlawful, unauthorised, unconsented access, use or disclosure. Methods for this include;

Reacting To A Breach

Manaiakalani Trust has a defined data breach policy and process which are used to respond to any data breaches.  This process includes notification of the affected parties and the authorities, when warranted.

Data Rights

Schools retain ownership of their data and allow access by the Manaiakalani Education Trust and its subcontractors for purposes described above.  Requests for access to the above data should be directed to specific schools; requests addressed to the MET must be made by a participating school.


Changes to the policy are advertised 30 days ahead of time on the site.


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