The Cougar Challenge


The Cougar Challenge is a program designed to celebrate our students who do “the job of a student” at an exemplary level. At TVCS, we define “the job of a student” as:

  1. completing classwork and homework with a growth mindset
  2. being actively present at school (attendance counts will begin September 4, 2018)
  3. consistently exhibiting behaviors which contribute to a positive school climate and culture (Boys’ Town, Growth Mindset).

For completing these jobs at an exemplary level, we will celebrate students with a fun assembly (30-40 minutes) at the end of each semester. Details about the assemblies will remain secret! We want the students to be surprised.

To join the celebrations, a student must do the following things:

1. Complete at least 95% of all classwork.

2. Complete at least 95% of all homework.

3. Be present at school at least 98% of the days in the semester

  1. Independent study days will be counted as absences for the Cougar Challenge. Being present at school is very different from doing independent study work.
  2. Qualifying students may not exceed two absences. Qualifying students may not exceed two tardies or early-outs.

4. Consistently exhibit to staff members and students behaviors which enhance the

educational climate and culture at TVCS. (Behavior referrals would not show this pattern and

would preclude a student from attending the celebration. Consistent poor choices in a

classroom which do not earn a behavior referral, but are not contributing to a positive

educational culture and climate, would also preclude a student from attending the celebration.)

Besides being celebrated at the assembly, each student will receive a dogtag keychain. A special dogtag will be issued for perfect attendance in a semester.

Our hope is to encourage our wonderful students and families to exhibit excellent work habits, superior attendance, and respectful behavior!

Early January  - 1st Sem. Challenge Celebration

Week of May 20 (depends on any conflicts with other activities) - 2nd Sem. Challenge Celebration

We covet the time we get to spend educating your children. We want your children here so we can provide the best possible education for them!