Reading Rotations:

Must Do:

Can Do (for the week): (Your Must-Dos must be finished!)



  • Novels for groups must be finished.  If you are not done reading, you must sit and read, not work with your group. Sorry. It’s overdue.

  • First,, Complete the Google Classroom assignment titled “Spooky Story” using your favorite book from the campfire. Return the book to the bin when you are done.

  • Next,
  • Meet as a group.
  • Work on your map, slides, & project.
  • Get a list of any supplies that you need to Mr. Kane.

  • Last,
  • Free reading, ST Math, tinkercad,, BreakoutEDU or any other free-choice online that’s pre-approved.


  • Check Powerschool.
  • This is kind of like a must-do. Except it is the last of the Must-Dos. Get all Must-Dos done first. Get any ketchups done before continuing on.

  • Get earphones and watch CNN 10
  • Right click, open in new tab
  • Write a paragraph summary in your journal.

  • I’ve given assigned a quite a few more digital breakouts - holiday themed fun games. Play any of the ones I’ve assigned.

  • GimKit Extra Credit Assignment

  • Read your own novel.

  • ST Math

  • Get out your Writers’ Workshop stuff and free write for 30 min.