Reading Rotations for today

Must Do:

Can Do (for the week): (Your Must-Dos must be finished!)


  • Writing Assignments (both due Friday):        
  • Should schools ban cupcakes?
  • OREO from S.N.
  • How-to do anything (like make 5th graders cry) write “Elijah of Buxton” in your planner to show me you read this.

  • New assignment at

  • Quizlet.
  • Greek/Latin Roots 5
  • There will be a paper-test Friday that covers (some of) the roots from Quizlets 3-4.

  • Kahn Academy assignments
  • New Assignments
  • Due Friday!!
  • ST Math


  • Check Powerschool.
  • This is kind of like a must-do. Except it is the last of the Must-Dos. Get all Must-Dos done first. Get any ketchups done before continuing on.

  • Lost in the Grammar Trail, in your student breakout account.

  • Check out a book from the classroom library and read. You may read on pillows anywhere in the room (within limits). This is in addition to your 20 minutes that is required.

  • Get earphones and watch CNN 10
  • Right click, open in new tab
  • Write a paragraph summary in your journal.

  • Read old issues of Scholastic News
  • Play a game on the site.
  • Write a short summary in your journal.
  • Include the author’s purpose
  • If it is opinion, what text evidence gives you their opinion?

  • Take out Writers’ Workshop Folder (or chromebook if typing) and continue any writing projects.

  • Treasure Hunt, if no one is there

  • Play “Solve Me”, 15 minutes maximum, set a timer.

  • Be Internet Awesome
  • 10 min, max
  • Set a timer

  • Follow our “What to do When I’m Done” flowchart.