Earthquake Model Patent License Directions

  1. A rough draft of your project will be kept on pages 14-15 of your notebook.
  2. You can start the report and work on it as you accomplish tasks. For example, you can set up your cover page then start with the problem as it is written in your groups. Add to it as you go.
  3. Final copy will be typed in a clear fashion with each step outlined in bold.
  1. 1st paragraph: Problem and Materials--at least 5 sentences
  2. 2nd paragraph: Procedure--How you built it and why you built it the way you did
  3. 3rd paragraph: Analysis--What were your results? Did your building survive? Your people (eggs)? What did work in your design? What didn’t work? What could you do differently?
  4. 4th paragraph: Conclusion-- Restate problem as a statement; would you recommend your model to other builders or scientists? Why or why not?
  1. Final copy must include the following format:
  1. 12, 13, or 14 font
  2. Arial or New Times Roman
  3. Black ink only
  4. Headings and titles in bold (only these)
  1. Final copy must have a Cover Page that:
  1. Has student name, first and last
  2. Period number
  3. Date
  4. A picture
  1. Each student must submit his/her own report. It must not be copied. It must be the student’s own work. As a group you talk about it, then each person types his/her own document.
  2. Report will be graded according to the rubric.
  3. Due Date: Wednesday, October 11 by end of day (midnight)