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Hearthstone Masters

Hearthstone’s next evolution of esports has been detailed. Almost fully…

Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers (Entry Tier of Competition)

Hearthstone Masters Tour


Hearthstone Grandmasters

New esports format: Specialist

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Not-so-Secret Hearthstone Summit

Via @RegisKillbin

Hey folks, super exciting announcement time: I will be missing some streams next week on the 25th, 26th, and 27th...

I am going to Blizzard to get a sneak peek at what Hearthstone has in store!


Wild Open International Decks

Mooner defeated Lojom 3-0

Even Shaman, Odd Paladin, and Secret Mage were the most popular decks by a landslide.



Wall Priest

Most popular version on HSreplay

Joseph H. from Patreon

Malygos Rogue is a HARD counter to this deck.  It felt like the deck was specifically made to counter wall priest while I was getting hit in the face with 11-dmg Razorpetals.

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I've never been good with alliteration, so I'll just start with "Hail, and well met."

Jocelyn, in Episode 299, said something about how Rank 10 feels like the beginning of competitive Hearthstone. This gave me an idea! When you move from Rank 11 into Rank 10, a screen pops up and introduces you to Conquest format and Last Hero Standing. From that point on (as long as you remain Rank 10 or better), the first half of the month is Conquest; the second half is Last Hero Standing. Or something similar.

Blizzard has implemented Ranks 50-25.  By the time a new player hits Rank 10, arguably, they're no longer a "new" player. Since the real push for Legend begins at Rank 10, this is where we should introduce professional play formats. And believe me Team 5 (I know you're listening), you SHOULD introduce these formats, complete with bans. Your hardcore players have begged, pleaded, and cried tears of sorrow for way too long. How can we better our tournament play, or even get our foot in the door, if we do not get to simulate tournament play in any way shape or form?

Introducing the semi-casual/semi-hardcore players to these modes could possibly light a fire beneath them to strive to become pro. The more pro-players you have, the more packs are being bought, and the healthier your e-sport will be.

Byniar (Discord)

I mainly play meta decks, but occasionally I get grand ideas and try and create my own deck.

Recently after hitting rank 10 and being inspired by Wall Priest I decided to see if I could make either odd priest or even priest work. I have won some games with both decks, but needless to say I haven't clucked the meta and the win rates are < 50%. My question is - how do I get better at deck building?  I know what the win condition and basic strategy is for these decks (they are just variants on wall priest), but what approach(es) do you use to improve and refine a deck once you have a basic idea?


Greetings, Bummed Bantams!

Recent events such as Blizzard’s layoffs amid massive revenue and executive bonuses, or news of pervasive sexual harassment at Riot, have got me thinking about my role as a player supporting games.

What would your personal “line” be? If Hearthstone were still fun as a game, what news would have to come out about Blizzard to make you stop supporting them?

I don’t have an answer myself. Would love to hear your thoughts.


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