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RCSS One Sheeter Price List & Details
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Type                                 1 year Lease                Daily Lease            3 Days + Lease

Single Suites               $350|wk                         $175|day                 $165|day

VIP Suites                     $375|wk                      

Double Suites            $550|wk                          $300|day                $270|day

Triple Suites                $600|wk                          $350|day               $295|day

Shared Suites             $175|wk|30 hrs           $85|day                   $75|day 

Event Space Rental

Education Lounge                                                $125|hour (2 Hr Min + $50 Clean)

Photography Studio                                           $75|hour (2 Hr Min+ $25 Clean)

                                                                                        $500 Full Day Fee (8 Hr + 100 Clean)

Conference Room                                               $175|hour (2 Hr Min + $50 Clean)

VIP Lounge                                                             $225|hour (2 Hr Min + $50 Clean)

Event Space Front                                              $275|hour (4 Hr Min + $125  Clean)

Event Space Front & Runway                      $575|hour   (4 Hr Min + $250 Clean)  

A La Carte Rental Additions

Chair (Small Seating Black Chair)               $ 2 | Each

High Table Tops                                                     $ 15 | Each

Flute Wine Glasses                                             $1 | Each

Photography & Videography

Item                                                                              Reg Price                      Boss Membership

Photoshoot | 3  looks | 6 Edits                        $995                              $750

Photoshoot Per Extra Look                            $250                               $250

Make-up | Look                                                      $125                               $125

Brand Video Promo   Package                      $1595                             $950

*Brand Video Promo  Package

View Sample here

In this social media  driven society we live in,  Video Marketing is very powerful. Our Brand Video  Advertisement Package includes high level good quality production executed by some of the top media curators and videographers in the industry. Set yourself apart to gain a competitive edge over other beauty professionals in the industry with our Branding Video. Not only will the video be amazing for all of your social media platforms,  but the video can also be used on the RCSS Digital directly and website to showcase and market your service. Along with the Video Production and Editing, This  package includes over $1000 worth of  marketing for FREE

  • Email Blast to MB  Audience 12000 Subscribers (Reg Price - $350)
  • IG  post on RCSS | 5600 followers (Reg Price - $25)
  • IG  post on MushiyaTshikuka | 90k followers (Reg Price - $150)
  • Facebook  post on Mushiya | 20,000 followers
  • RCSS IGTV or Story Highlights (Reg Price - $150)


780 North Highland Avenue, NE

Atlanta, GA 30306




Item                                                                              Reg Price                      RCSS Owners

Logo Design                                                             $350                                $175

Web Design                                                             $2500                             $1500

Business Cards  Design                                    $275                                $175

Flyers                                                                          $175                                $125

Social Media Marketing

Item                                                                              Reg Price                      RCSS Owners

Social Media Promo  Post                               $100                                 

1 Month Intro Package (16 Posts)             $450 

IG Content Management  Membership $650|Month (3 Month Min)              

FREE Photo Shoot Promotion (Reg Price $495)

Day: TBD  |  Time: 10 AM - 6 PM

1 Look    |    1 Edited Picture   |   All raw images

Instructions: Come Make-up Ready  & Wardrobe Ready

Event Marketing

Event Flyer                                                            $175

Social Media Post on Mushiya IG             $250         (90K Followers)

Social Media Post on RCSS        IG             $100          (5k Followers)

Email Blast to  12000 Subscribers           $500

Event Photographer                                         $450

30 min  Facebook Live w| Mushiya          $3450


780 North Highland Avenue, NE

Atlanta, GA 30306



Retail Shelving 1 Year Lease

If you have a marketable product, take advantage of the targeted audience in the RCSS Facility by displaying your products on our gorgeous retail shelves located in the center of the facility. Everyone must walk through the retail  space to go anywhere in the facility from the suites, to all the booths ,to the bathrooms, creating constant high visibility. RCSS offers Retail full display leasing opportunities for large companies or single shelf leasing, for smaller, emerging companies.

Full Retail Display

5  white  shelves 36” long by 12” wide  and 2” thick

Shelves are secured behind  a 108” tall clear tempered glass that  locks with a key

Per Shelf Retail Display

1  white shelf  in a shared display  36” long by 12” wide  and 2” thick

Retail Hours

Tuesday - Sunday | 9 am - 7 pm

Sales Executive

RCSS has sales executives on the floor during retail hours. It is your responsibility to provide a product manual and sales training to our  sales executives.


The RCSS App has conveniently been created to allow you to pay your  monthly of lease as well as for our sales executives to check out your products. Once registered, all your products can  easily  be uploaded into the app  as an independent store and for easy check out.


Aside from inventory, all you are responsible for is an ipad mini which will sit in your display or on your shelf for easy check out.


You keep 100% of your products profits and each sale gets deposited directly into your attached account.  

Digital Advertising.

Advertise on our digital advertising board and all the TV’s on the runway of the facility.

780 North Highland Avenue NE,  Atlanta, GA 30306