Roaring Fork School District Re-1

Jennifer Ellsperman, Principal

Ty Hayden, Assistant Principal

51 School Street, Basalt, Colorado 81621

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Morning Announcements & Weekly Bulletin

Friday, April 20, 2018

ALL Students

  • ALL STUDENTS - Turn in or renew any overdue books.
  • ALL STUDENTS- We are so happy to have lockers outside of the gym now for athletic bags to be stored. Please do not put athletic bags in front of the lockers and on the floor like we used to do. Put them in the lockers. Also, make sure backpacks in the back hallways by band and PE are not blocking the hallway. You should be keeping your backpack in your locker and only bringing what you need to classes. If this is an issue for you, brainstorm some ideas with your Crew teacher to help make this easier. Having clear passageways in the hallways and in classrooms is critical for safety. Thanks!
  • ALL STUDENTS - DURING LUNCH IN THE LIBRARY: remember, unless you are doing homework on your chromebook and check in with Ms. Douglass about it, you may not be on your Chromebook at lunch.
  • ALL STUDENTS: REMEMBER...your Chromebook is only ON LOAN TO YOU.  You MAY NOT mark or write with pen, pencil, marker, sharpie, stickers, etc. on it!  If you do, you will be charged.  
  • Rec Zone- (otherwise known as the new playground). Now that the weather is nicer and more people are back outside using the rec zone, it is a good time to remind ourselves of what the guidelines that we created together when we first opened the new space. Net Twister has been the piece of equipment with the most injuries including- getting kicked in the head, back injuries, foot and face injuries. Please work together to keep one another safe.
  • Zipline- sitting only, only one rider, number of pushers is up to the rider, be aware of the kickback and watch so as not to hit the tension line or the metal stands. Be careful to keep the "zip zone" clear. Be aware of who is waiting so all get a turn.
  • Net-twister- hands and feet must be on the equipment, no flying off, pushers must make sure all are ready before spinning the equipment, must stop pushing/spinning when feet fly off the netting
  • Make sure all others are ready before pushing, spinning, shaking or jumping on all equipment, including ropes.
  • No flips/inversions off of equipment.
  • Have fun! Be aware of others at all times!
  • Respond to duty teachers with respect if they make a call about a certain use of equipment being unsafe.
  • Rec Zone--- Purple days 5th & 7th, Silver days 6th & 8th (this ideas was so everyone could have a turn)No food past the yellow line.
  • No balls in the courtyard.
  • No baseballs or lacrosse balls or sticks anywhere in use on campus, on playground, in courtyard, or inside of the building. Wiffle balls and plastic bats are ok. With 480 students, these are safety rules that are different from what you would do with your team or your family.

  • We all know that you can jump so super high, but please don’t test your skills on the new fish hanging in the cafeteria!

Art pick up for quarter 3 art students is in the pods including 8th grade sketchbooks. Please pick up any art you want by next Monday or it will be disposed of.



  • Peer to Peer Buddy Program in the Cafeteria after school on Wednesdays.



  • Peer to Peer Buddy Program in the Cafeteria after school on Wednesdays.



  • This is the last week to turn in WEB Leaders applications to Mr. Funez. Yearbook meeting Tuesday!



  • Yearbook meeting Tuesday!
  • APRIL 27: DEADLINE for CMC FIRST ASCENT PROGRAM FOR 8TH GRADERS. Colorado Mountain College has an outstanding summer opportunity for students currently in the 8th grade, called First Ascent. This free, five-day residential program takes place at Colorado Mountain College at the Leadville (Timberline) campus and includes rafting, climbing, and hiking. First Ascent is designed to help young adults from various social and economic backgrounds develop leadership skills and confidence for personal, academic and social growth. Details at:



For the Week of: April 23, 2018




            ⅞ Math Club @ Flex in Conf. Rm. w/Jordan

        7th-Purple Pre-Collegiate @ lunch in Conf. Rm.


WEDNESDAY-S       Early Release 1:45-No CREW or Flex

            8th Gr. to CMC Visit

7th-Gold Pre-Collegiate @ lunch in Conf. Rm.


        8th Purple Pre-Collegiate @ lunch in Conf. Rm.


        8th Gold Pre-Collegiate @ lunch in Conf. Rm.

SATURDAY-  Track Meet @ BHS



Upcoming Events:

Every Tuesday @ 7th/8th Lunch: Yearbook Staff Meeting in Makerspace