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GallopNYC Equine Biosecurity Policy & Procedures
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March 2021

GallopNYC Equine Biosecurity Policy & Procedures

At GallopNYC, we highly value our equine partners and take the utmost care and precautions when it comes to our herd. Recently, we learned that veterinary officials in the United States are on high alert for outbreaks of equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy (EHM), another name for the neurologic disease associated with equine herpesvirus (EHV) infections.

EHM is a deadly disease, and the best course of action to ensure the health and safety of our herd are the following practices:

We are asking everyone entering a GallopNYC barn, arena, or site to follow the guidelines below.

Before visiting, any person entering a GallopNYC barn, arena, or property that has been at any other equine facility in the last fourteen days is required to:

We have protocols in place for our horses as well. Please adhere to the following protocols when interacting with the horses:

Thank you in advance for your partnership in keeping our horses healthy and safe. For 15 years, GallopNYC has provided therapeutic riding lessons to New Yorkers, changing thousands of lives. Our work helps New Yorkers believe in their ability to set and accomplish goals and advocate for themselves and better their lives. We rely on our incredible herd of therapy horses to provide these services. Our horses continue to show up for us, and now it’s time to do our part to show up for them.