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Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting 9/15/21, 5:30pm
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Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting 9/15/21, 5:30pm

Minutes as follows.


Present: Trish Read, Jason Butler, Jean Joslin, Sally Reisner, David Babic.

Absent: Carol Hosford, Anna Church.


Jean called the meeting to order at 5:34pm.


Minutes from 7/21/21 and 9/2/21 were presented. Sally made a motion to approve, seconded by David. All in favor, minutes accepted.


Presidents Report

Brief update regarding fuel contract and pricing. Seasonal maintenance procedures are underway.


No Friends Report


Librarians Report

Covid protocols have been reintroduced rather seamlessly. Patron visitations and numbers have been good for July and August; a bit quieter so far in September. Programming remains a concern amidst Covid and there is uncertainty if currently scheduled in person programs will stay on the docket.


The Pandemic Story Project submissions will be “published” in some format so that each library has a working copy.


Jason’s bullet points of his responsibilities as Library Director were reviewed and appreciated.

Discussion followed regarding our Children’s Librarian job description and responsibilities, along with a potential new position of Program Coordinator. Jason will fine tune this new description and the corresponding responsibilities. Jason will follow up with Carol and Sally before this is finalized and/or advertised as an open position.


Treasurers Report

Accounts are in good order. Brief review and discussion of most recent Profit and Loss and Balance sheets. A few line items remain that need to be clarified and possibly reorganized. David will follow up on this with Sarah Stavraky.


Financial Report

Accounts indicate excellent growth and are building well. Portfolios are performing as they should.


No Children’s Librarian Report

Anna had circulated her report via email, but nothing was discussed further in her absence.


New Business

We will hold a special Annual Appeal planning meeting on October 20th at 5:30pm.

November 17th at 5:30pm will be a special meeting to review preliminary budget numbers.


Jason left 6:45pm.


David made a motion to go into Executive Session  to discuss staff contracts at 6:46pm, seconded by Sally.

Sally made a motion to conclude, seconded by David, at 7:34 pm.


Trish Read,

Acting Secretary in Carol’s absence