IHSWCA Members and Indiana Wrestling Community:

I want to begin by thanking everyone for this leadership opportunity, it is truly an honor to hold this position as I have witnessed friends, mentors, and idols manifest a legacy through their terms.  I’ve always wanted to make a difference with this sport, now is my chance.  I’ll try not to screw it up.  Also, I would like to thank all the former Presidents for their guidance and input and Nick Stewart for putting in a ton of work to revamp our website.  

I want to do everything I can to make sure the IHSWCA hears your voice as a coach.  I want to be as available as possible and communicate the best I can.  Everything we do and every decision we make as a coaches association should have the influence of your voice.  With that being said, there are a few initiatives that I want to put into action in order to accomplish these goals of mine.  

Earlier this month, we had a set of proposals for the IHSAA, three of them made it to the table and only one passed.  The one that passed was moving the weight allowance date back to Christmas rather than the new calendar year.  The other proposals were sanctioning girls wrestling and getting rid of the tenths of a pound on the minimum weight allowance required for our weight management program.  Other proposals that didn’t even make it to the table were wrestle backs at semi state and sanctioning a duals state championship.  

I would like to form committees to collaborate, research, and advocate for proposals in 2021.  My idea is to have 5-7 coaches in each committee and  I would like to continue to pursue the same initiatives we’ve been pushing.  Girls Wrestling, Wrestlebacks, Weight Management, and Team State Championships.  If anyone is interested in being a part of these committees, please reach out to me and let’s get this process started.  Also, if anyone feels there is another initiative that we should pursue for our 2021 proposals, I’d love to hear about other ideas to help improve and grow our sport.

Until next time!  Thanks again to all, and I’m looking forward to these next two years.


Jake O’Neill

Wabash High School