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Art Display Agreement
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Coffee and Cotton

Art Display Agreement

Thank you for sharing your talents with us through displaying your artwork in Coffee and Cotton. We’re so happy to support artists by sharing your work with our customers.


All work must be original, well-executed, and not classified as “fan art”. Utilizing popular culture within the art without being fan art can be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire if you are unsure whether a specific work of yours would not follow these guidelines.

Permission for an exhibit is granted only to family-friendly displays. We have five year-olds that
come in to the store and may see your artwork. It may be beautiful artwork, but another gallery might be more appropriate for mature items, items depicting violence, or controversial material. Coffee and Cotton reserves the right to remove any artwork deemed inappropriate.


We have 3 spaces available to hang artwork in:

THE MAIN CAFE - this is the first room you walk into. We have 4 wires/hooks for art -- can fit 4 small works or 2 larger works.

THE DINING ROOM - this is the large room attached to our main cafe, which hosts the majority of our customers. We have 13 wire/hooks for art (8 on our main art wall -- which has art gallery lights on it, 2 near one set of windows, 2 near another set of windows, and 1 above our fireplace mantle). Can fit 13 smaller works or 7 larger works -- or any combination of the two.

THE TOWER ROOM - this is our “secret” room off to the side of our dining room. Called the “Tower Room” because it juts out of the main mill building. We have 11 wire/hooks in here. Can host 3 medium works and 1 larger work, or 9 smaller works -- or any combination of the two

All of our wire/hooks are adjustable per the room. For example, one of the wire/hook combinations above the mantle could be moved to the opposite side of the fireplace so a larger piece can hold. We do ask for you to try and leave the wire/hooks in their general location, so the work is spread out and moving wires around is only done rarely.

We highly suggest utilizing all areas of the cafe, as well as utilizing the different aesthetics of each room to your advantage. In the past, some artists have had different groups of work in the 3 different spaces, whereas some have used the space to unify their work. It’s up to you and we enjoy seeing what you will bring to the space. However, if you do not have enough pieces for the entire space, the main gallery wall will do.

You may also display sculptures / other miscellaneous pieces on our fireplace mantle.


The typical display period is one calendar month, though we may agree to an alternate period. We will coordinate install / uninstall dates with you that, depending upon the calendar day, may fall before or after the first of each month. Our aim is for a month-long period.

We will not be responsible for installing / uninstalling any artwork for the artist.


We use an Arakawa hanging rail that uses hooks; the pieces of art need to be framed and either have d-hooks or a wire on the backs.

No installation tools needed since all the framed pieces would be hung on a wire and we have a step stool ladder to use for hanging, due to the height of the space.

Do not add any holes to the wall. Do not use foam tape or other adhesive that will leave residue on the wall or take the paint off our walls when removed -- both for artwork and any paper to denote name / price of pieces. You are personally liable for damages caused by the hanging method of your displays.

Please feel free to stop by the cafe to take a look at the system prior to hanging to get a better idea of how the space works.

You are welcome to have an artist statement on display with your work or at the front of the cafe. We recommend you include any social media handles and/or your website url.

Create and print a business size (3.5 x 2) information card for each piece to display: name of piece, artist name, and cost of piece. You can also list a website or logo here if desired.

By signing this, you also agree to allow Coffee and Cotton to photograph the artwork for social media use (i.e. during event photos, etc).


During the daytime, customers will have access to the space, including children. Due to the open nature of our cafe, we cannot promise there will not be damage in a bizarre incident. Keep this in mind when choosing which artwork to display.

All cafe doors are locked securely at night, with only cafe workers having access to these spaces.

When installing, make sure to secure each item with proper materials (i.e. strong hanging wire) to prevent the work from falling. Our adjustable hooks can help by keeping the artwork high up on the wall, away from patrons’ coffees.

Coffee and Cotton and its parent company, Coco Luna LLC, are not liable for any potential damages or theft of artwork.


If you are interested, we work with each artist to host an opening reception. Please reach out to our Art Curator to schedule a reception and to reserve space in our dining room. We do use the space for dining customers as well, so please do not plan to have exclusive access to the space.

Opening receptions take place on Sunday nights, from 6-8pm. Flexibility is allowed if this does not work for your schedule. We cannot allow outside food or drink in the cafe for this event. That being said, Coffee and Cotton does have an extensive menu including cafe beverages, a full dining menu, as well as craft beer and wine.

The opening reception is tailored to your needs / desires as you’d like, within reason. We’ve had artists simply invite their family and friends to enjoy their work, Sip ‘n Sketch hours, live painting, coloring & discussions, live Artist Statements / discussions related to their work, as well as performance artists hosting unique performances related to their visual work. Coordinate with our Art coordinator and cafe manager to discuss a night that works best for you.


You are welcome to sell your items during the show, but Coffee and Cotton cannot handle any sales, including cash sales. If a customer is interested in purchasing the art, our staff will have them contact you via email / social media / URL. This way, you can interact with your customers directly to coordinate your preferred way of handling sales (website, venmo, cash, check, etc).

All sold artwork must remain a part of the show until the final day, unless the artist can replace the work with another piece -- please contact the art contact if this is the plan.

Please leave a clear way for customers to contact you for sales -- we recommend business cards with an email or website listed, or leaving contact information at the cafe that is easy to communicate with potential buyers.

Because of this method, Coffee and Cotton does not take a commission or a percentage of the artwork sales of your work while on display in our cafe. We’re happy to support our monthly artists in this way.


As part of this agreement, you grant Coffee and Cotton, and Coco Luna LLC, the right to promote and share all artwork for promotional purposes.

Artist Signature: ____________________________________________ Date: ____________

Please submit this agreement to with your application to