1. Governance Archaeology cohort

2. Finished design portfolio

3. Became founding designer on fundraising platform

4. First prototype of card deck to test with organization

5. Psychotherapy tool development complete

1. I was accepted as a resident for the MEDLab's Future of the Internet cohort. I attend bimonthly meetings and create mixed-media blog post deliverables. I have read 6 books and 4 papers on digital governance and democratic models for self-organizing

2. I designed and developed my portfolio for design and development projects. I collected testimonials from past clients and collaborators.

3. I accepted a role as founding designer for a fundraising platform for NGOs and volunteer service hours. I began research on the platform structure and theory of mutual aid. I developed user journey flows for stakeholders.

4. I led my team to create the first iteration of our eponymous deck of cards to identify emotions, needs, strategies, and structures as a personal narrative building tool.


1. United Nations Internet Governance Forum

2. Applying for graduate school

3. Founding designer for fundraising platform

4. Neuromatch Conference presenter

5. Developing my affordances framework for self-reflection technology

1. My organization Plot Twisters was invited to exhibit our emotionally-literate community framework at the UN Internet Governance Forum. I have developed a dynamic website prototype, wrote an essay highlighting our research design and describing our framework, and prepared mixed-media graphics and audio pieces to introduce the importance of dialogue as a democratic governance tool.

2. I am researching various graduate programs for HCI, media studies, trauma-informed psychology, and digital social science research. I am meeting with potential supervisors each week, as well as speaking with my mentors in different fields for advice. I am writing my research proposal and personal statement.

3. I have developed extensive stakeholder journey maps and website architecture schemas. I have created wireframes of key public-facing pages and created mockups for campaign creation flow.

4. I was accepted along with Avery, Jesse, and Nick to the Neuromatch 4.0 Computational Neuroscience conference for our research in the relationship between allostatic kinds and internal/external regulatory processes.

5. I am developing the research design for an affordances framework for technologies that support narrative processing, self-reflection, and personal knowledge management. I have written 2,000 words so far.