Priority Setting in Healthcare Through the Lens of Happiness, a chapter of the 2019 Global Happiness & Wellbeing Policy Report. [99%]

• Hired as Research Analyst for Rethink Priorities. [95%]



Rethink Grants: an evaluation of Donational’s Corporate Ambassador Program [95%] (52)



Evaluating use cases for human challenge trials in accelerating SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development. Clinical Infectious Diseases. https://doi.org/10.1093/cid/ciaa935 [70%]

• Some of the content of https://1daysooner.org/ [70%]

Market-shaping approaches to accelerate COVID-19 response: a role for option-based guarantees? [70%] (39)

• Option-based guarantees to accelerate urgent, high risk vaccines: A new market-shaping approach [Preprint]. https://doi.org/10.31219/osf.io/swd4a [70%]

• Modelling the Health and Economic Impacts of Population-Wide Testing, Contact Tracing and Isolation (PTTI) Strategies for COVID-19 in the UK [Preprint]. https://doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3627273

• Some confidential COVID-19-related policy reports. [70%]

• Parts of the Survey of COVID-19 Responses to Understand Behaviour (SCRUB) https://www.scrubcovid19.org/ 

Pueyo: How to Do Testing and Contact Tracing [Summary] [70%] (7)

• A confidential evaluation of an anxiety app. [90%]

• Various unpublished documents for the Happier Lives Institute. [80%]