Elementary/Middle School Program

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December 20, 2018

Dear Kiva Community,

We held a Special Board Meeting this evening where we discussed at length the Notice of Material Breach from RE-1 and an additional letter of concern regarding Exceptional Student Services (ESS), both of which are attached.

The conditions Kiva E/M S must meet are challenging and we are going to need parents and staff members to actively participate if we are to succeed in accomplishing our goals. To ensure we are making meaningful progress towards meeting these conditions, we have set benchmarks that need to be met by January 7, 2019. If these benchmarks are met we will continue working towards meeting the conditions as outlined in the Notice of Material Breach from RE-1. If we do not meet each benchmark by January 7, 2019, the E/M S Board of Directors would initiate the vote to surrender our Charter.

So, what are the Benchmarks?

Benchmarks to be met by January 7, 2019 at 5 pm.  If any of these benchmarks are not met, we will be working on closure of our school.

  1. ESS Services - provide a plan with an ESS Provider commitment. Note: After December 21, 2018 we will no longer have an ESS Provider.  These services are a Federal and State requirement and the District requires that we have a solution by January 11, 2019.
  2. Enrollment - we must have a minimum of 65 Completed Open Enrollment Forms, as provided by RE-1, for the 2019-2020 school year.  Note: The Open Enrollment Form is included at the end of the Notice of Material Breach from RE-1.
  3. Facility - we must have a plan for a secured alternative location for March 1, 2019.  The plan will include at least one (1) viable location to meet all legal requirements with reasonable knowledge that it would be available by March 1, 2019.

Who can I contact about the Benchmarks and how I can help?

  1. ESS Services - Cayce Hamerschlag
  1. Reach out to Cayce if you are interested in or have information or skills to support meeting this benchmark - cayce.hamerschlag@kivacharter.org.
  1. Enrollment - Jordan Meyers
  1. Reach out to Jordan if you are interested in or have information or skills to support meeting this benchmark - jordan.meyers@kivacharter.org.
  1. Facility - Stacey Weyand
  1. Reach out to Stacey if you are interested in or have information or skills to support meeting this benchmark - stacey.weyand@kivacharter.org.

What happens if we don’t make our Benchmarks?

If we do not meet the benchmarks the Kiva E/M S Board will initiate the vote to surrender our Charter and begin discussions with RE-1 to ensure smooth transitions for all students. Not meeting these benchmarks will indicate that we are unlikely to cure the breach satisfactorily and that we would not have reasonable grounds for appealing a revocation of the Charter Contract. In addition, we would not be serving our students or any student who walked through our door in a way that aligns with our mission and vision.  

We emphasize that this breach is the result of a series of several events.  We are not blaming any one person or situation.  We fully respect all staff, parents, and students in their decisions.

Please reach out to any of us with any questions, concerns, and/or suggestions.  You can contact Jon Orris, IHOS, at jon.orris@kivacharter.org, in person at the school, or by calling 970-564-9377; the Board of Directors at bod@kivacharter.org; our Volunteer Coordinator, Haley Randall at 970-739-7455 or haleyran@gmail.com, or another community member who attended tonight’s meeting.


Children’s Kiva Montessori Elementary/Middle School Board of Directors