Art 7 & 8 Course Syllabus 2018-2019

Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School

Mrs. Affleck, Ms. Maiden Room MC 3 

Course Description

This class is a beginning course in two dimensional art through a variety of media. The assignments will include several projects designed to help students learn the elements and principles of art. Students will work from a variety of subject matter including still life, photographs, and their imagination. Famous art pieces from the past and present will be studied and used to give direction to student work. Students will explore aesthetics, art history and art criticism, as well as art production.

Positive Learning Behaviors

Be here on time

Be prepared to learn

Show respect

Be a good participant

Behavior and Consequences

Being a mature and responsible member of our classroom will benefit you, and the class as a whole, immensely. If you stray from this path of success, consequences will be given.

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