It’s the fastest, funniest, foot race you’ll ever see!  Based on the Parisian tradition since 1901, this now worldwide sensation of waiters speed-walking while balancing drinks on trays is coming to Little Rock for the first time as part of the Italian Food and Culture Festival on Sunday April 28, 2019.

We would like you to consider participating, to showcase the often

underrated, fantastic job performed by service people in Central Arkansas.

We want to generate a well deserved respect from the patrons.

100% of the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas!


Entry fee is $50.00 per person

The route is a .25 mile speed-walking race down Clinton Avenue with arrival near the Relyance Bank Stage. Start will be at 2 PM inside the festival gates.

The race will accommodate 30 to 40 participants at the most. Register early at as it will determine your pole position on the starting line!

  1. We recommend you wear your establishment uniform. Aprons with race number, and Serving Towel will be furnished. Trays will be furnished by the festival.
  2. Absolutely no running. This is strictly a speed-walking race. Runners will be immediately disqualified.
  3. Once the race begins, no touching of items on the tray is permitted.
  4. Only one hand may be used to support the tray; no switching of hands during race. Tray must be balanced from underneath. The serving Napkin will rest on that arm, the other behind the back.
  5. No bodily contact with other racers once the race has begun.
  6. No unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind will be permitted.
  7. The first person to cross the finish line WHO HAS NOT SPILLED ANY ITEMS will be the winner.
  8. In addition to on-site volunteers and race captains walking along the race to ensure all rules are followed, the judges will review videotape of the race to determine if there were any rules are broken. Any broken rules,  will provoke immediate disqualification.
  9. NOTE: If no one crossing the finish line has spilled any liquid, the winners will be determined by measuring the liquid per glass and the one with the most liquid still in the glass wins.

 $1000 First place, $750 Second, and $500 Third Place



Name of participant:____________________Position:_______________Tel#:        ___-____-_____

Name of participant:____________________Position:_______________Tel#:        ___-____-_____