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Postcards to Voters - Booth Supplies and Signs List

Want to create your own Postcards to Voters Booth for a fair, festival, rally or march? Here is a list of things to bring, and links for banners, signs and fliers:

Things to Bring:

1. A table, preferably 6 feet long

2. At least 2 chairs. Even if there isn't someone helping you staff the booth, which would be ideal, you might have someone come by who has trouble standing and wants to talk.

3. Banners. One attached to the front of the table. And maybe a second one above the table, if your fair provides a canopy. Large letters, simple message.

See end of this list for a link to purchase a PTV BANNER on VistaPrint

4. A stand-up sign with more detailed info, to go on or in front of the table... then if you are talking to one person, another passerby can just be reading the info. I did overkill on a big plastic stand - and then I was shopping at Target and saw this very inexpensive science fair display board for $3:

See end of this list for links to purchase different size PTV POSTERS from VistaPrint.

5. If you have a stand up sign that is cardboard or lightweight, you will want something to bolster it so it doesn't blow away.

6. Duct tape. Clear tape. Scotch tape. Stapler. Wire. String. It is really good to have all of these along, because different materials attach best in different ways. We thought we could tape our fabric sign to our canopy, but no tape stuck - whereas wire worked great.

7. Scissors, to cut tape and wire and string and such.

8. Tablecloth that touches the ground - we got a nice blue disposable one, from Target - it's a few bucks. Nice for making the table look professional and for hiding various items out of sight, like supplies and purses.

9. Fliers with info about Postcards to Voters. Bring way more than you think you will need. In Oakland at the Womens March we gave away 3000 (the population of the March was 40,000). At the smaller Mountain View rally of 600, we gave away 150 fliers. Extra ones can always be saved for the next event. They should include the words Postcards to Voters and maybe a line about what we do, plus the info on joining via ABBY or email, plus the URL.

A 12-per-sheet flyer PDF designed by Mary Hawkins is here, that can be printed at home:

10. Something to keep the fliers from blowing away, like a flier holder or some pretty paperweight.

11. Sample postcards to tape to the table so people have an idea of what a filled out postcard looks like as well as what kinds of postcards we use - hand drawn, glossy print, print at home. This also does double duty of making the table top prettily decorated.

12. Dress for the weather, which can change from cold to warm and back. Layers, hats, jackets, sunglasses. Sunblock. Umbrella.

13. Stuff to eat and drink for yourself - water, sandwiches, snacks, a thermos of coffee or tea. Cough drops or hard candies! My voice was so sore after just 2 hours of speaking nonstop to folks, and I was glad I happened to have them in my purse to help with the next 3 hours.

14. (optional) Candy to give out - Jenne brought a bunch and it drew people to the booth - especially peoples' kids :) Also a big bowl to put the candy in.

15. A cart can be useful for carrying your stuff from the car to the booth... sometimes you can't pull right up to the booth to load and unload. Franny thought of this!

16. (optional) We brought along postcards to give out to people who seemed really interested in signing up. Franny made lovely 5-card packets tied up in raffia. I think having paperclips to create batches of 5 would also work, since I'm slow at tying raffia ;) Bring way, way more postcards to give away than you think you will need. We ran out midway through the Women’s March event, having given away about 150 packets of 5 postcards each!

17. (optional) 8x10 picture frames are good ways to display smaller signs on the table. It can be good to have 2 of each sign, for either end of the table.

18. A large marker to make any last minute edits to your sign ;) In Mountain View I thought of some things I wanted to add once I heard peoples' questions. Also, pens or markers for people to write more info down with (we didn't have the website address in our fliers) or to give you their info with for later contact. A small blank spiral notepad is good dashing down info.

19. Something like cardboard or pencils to tape to the back bottom edge of posters and table cloths, to keep them hanging down instead of folding inward with wind.

20. Remember to sign up to have a booth at the event well in advance, as sometimes space for booths is limited. The march or festival may also charge you a fee to have a booth.

Posters and Banners

OK, here are links where people can purchase banners and signs. They are a bit updated from the ones we used at the Womens March, based on feedback about what info was / would have been useful.

1. Banner - 2.5 x 6 feet, good for attaching to front of table or overhead canopy:

2. Poster - 18 x 24 inches - Also good as a sign for marches!

3. Stiff coroplast 24 x 36 inch poster

4. PDF for poster, in case one wishes to adapt it to a different size:

5. Banner PDF, in case one wishes to adapt it to a different size:

6: Fliers, 12-to-a-page, designed by Mary Hawkins - you can print these at home: