NBHS Band Fundraising and Finance Proposal 2020


        This proposal is designed to give transparency with students, parents, and Brunswick County schools on the finance practices of the North Brunswick High School band  program in conjunction with the NBHS Band Boosters. This is a formal response and alternative to the  financial methods  related to “ Fair Share”. This proposal will demonstrate an equitable approach to managing funds, showing compliance with BCS policy, 501c3 regulation, and aligning activities with the North Carolina Music standard course of study.

Band Dues


Band dues will be collected from band members to provide services for the co-curricular activities.

An itemized fee schedule will be given to parents before the start of the band season.

These dues are for basic functions of the program, such as uniform cleaning , travel, entry fees, supplies, and  specialized instructors.

 Students that are not participating in both concert and marching band will have an itemized fee schedule according to their participation.

  Dues are non-refundable as they are directly paid to the services needed.

 We will financially support the basic needs of all students. In the event that a group or ensemble is invited to an event outside of our current budget, funds will be collected from that group only, to participate in the desired function.  (See yearly budget and price worksheet for details.)


In the event that a student or family is unable to meet the financial requirement, a hardship agreement can be arranged to relieve the financial burden. See, Mr Cook for details

Non payment of band dues

Every effort will be made to guarantee that your child has a positive experience in band. Solutions and settlements are made at the discretion of the band director. We ask that you make all payments on time or communicate the difficulty of this commitment. When all efforts are exhausted to collect payment, statements will be forwarded to the book keeper’s office.

Student Ledgers: www.charmsoffice.com 

Charms office is a user friendly online based platform for students, parents, and educators

Each band member has a student record account that will keep information:

Students will be given a username and password to access this account. Please keep your phone numbers, address, and email addresses updated as this system is the primary form of communication. Students may carry credits into the next school year or transfer to a sibling. All requests for expenses to be paid from student accounts toward band fees or other band related needs must be made in writing to the Treasurer and/or Band Director.


Community Service project ( Taken from the band syllabus)

“Students will also have various community service projects throughout the semester. This is a great opportunity for performance in the community, gaining support for the band program, and exercising great citizenship. A rubric on each project will be passed out a week prior to the project  due date. Students that participate in non required fundraising activities can gain credit for their service project.

Activities include but are not limited to:

Accounting methods



Electronic records are held on the following platforms.

All records are public and available upon request.





Relevant Essential standards

I.CR.1 Understand global, interdisciplinary, and 21st century connections with music.

I.CR.1.1 Use music to explore concepts of civics and economics (such as systems, functions, structures, democracy, economies, and interdependence).

I.CR.1.2 Understand the relationships between music and concepts from other areas.  

I.CR.1.4 Recognize effective strategies for recognizing, monitoring, and overcoming performance anxiety.

Relevant Board Policies

Policy Code: 1320/3560 Title I Parent and Family Engagement

Policy Code: 5000 Schools and the Community  

Policy Code: 3530 Citizenship and Character Education

Policy Code: 4600 Student Fees

Policy Code: 3120 Lesson Planning

Relevant Articles



Cooperative Fundraising IFAs


Exemption Requirements 501 C3


Key definitions

IFA -Individual fundraising accounts An individual fundraising account is any method by which a booster club credits an individual or family for all, or a portion, of the funds raised by the individual, family or organization.

Cooperative fundraising ‘Fair Share” is when a group's members join together (cooperatively) to raise money and then credit the funds raised (or the time spent volunteering) to the individuals who participated in raising the money (the accounts credited are known as "Individual fundraising accounts").