Expression of Interest (EoI)

Empanelment of Individual(s) / NGO / Institutions /Private bodies Volunteers for creating a network for ecosystem support to MSME Entrepreneur(s).

Notice Inviting “Expression of Interest”




Creating a network for ecosystem support to MSME Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprises

Expression of Interest(EOI) is invited from experienced individual(s) Volunteers for creating a network for ecosystem to support MSME Entrepreneur(s) on Pro Bono Publico basis. Detailed scope of work is given below :


I               Scope of Work:             

(i)             Individual(s) [ hereinafter referred as “Interested Party” ] shall support entrepreneur(s), in various ways in which they have their strengths and expertise.[ a list of support required to be provided shall be compiled by the client-PPDC-Agra]. The Interested Party shall get the approval of the “Support” from the client. The Interested Party shall, thereafter, support/ assist in capacity building material creation and advisory/ awareness campaigns. Support shall include Knowledge, market access, technology, credit and any other support as may be deemed necessary for flourishing of MSME enterprises.

(ii)            The scope would also include such other activities that are incidental to the scope of work spelt out at para (i) above.

(iii)           It would also include any other activity(s) that may arise as per the client’s need.

(iv)           A “Search and Selection Committee” will be set up to screen the applications received and would ensure further due diligence as may be prescribed by the Competent Authority. Based thereupon, the “Search and Selection Committee” will recommend empanelment of volunteers.

(v)            The Interested Party shall be responsible for executing the work as per the terms of agreement contract between the parties.

(vi)           The decision of the Competent Authority shall be final in all respects.


II             The Interested Party must meet the following eligibility criteria:

(i)      The Interested Party must have expert(s)in the relevant field associated with the following areas.


           (a)        Knowledge support for MSMEs

           (b)        Market Access

           (c)        Financial Services

           (d)        Technology

           (e)         Legal services and Regulatory Clearances

           (f)         Sectoral Experts

           (g)        Such other Expertise needed for creating supporting ecosystem for enterprises


           (ii)        Over 10 years of experience in respective field.

       (iii)      Prior experience of working on MSME/ enterprises sectors or related organisations

                        would be desirable.

III  Period of Engagement:

                       The engagement would be for a period of 1 (one) year w.e.f. the date of  

                       commencement of the assignment and would be eligible for extension on agreed

                       terms and conditions of the parties.

       IV  Financial Engagement:

                      The engagement would be on Pro bonopublico basis throughout the period of the

                      engagement/association. However, work related travel, accommodation and

                   appropriate out of pocket expended would be reimbursed as determined by the


          V     Submission of Application:


     The Interested Parties shall submit the proposal in sealed envelope superscribed as    

     “Application for Expression of Interest (EOI) for empanelment of individual(s)
                Volunteers for creating a network for ecosystem support to MSME

     Entrepreneur(s)”, giving details as indicated below to Principal Director, MSME

     Technology Development Centre( Process Cum Product Development Centre,

     Agra) Ministry of MSME, Foundry Nagar, Agra-282006.

i)     Name, Address and Contact Details of the Applicant

ii)    Statement of purpose in not more than 1000 words, clearly indicating:

a)     Relevant qualifications and prior experience for suitability of the role;

b)    Specific ideas / activities that the applicant would like to offer this role on the areas

        spelled out at  para -I.

iii)   Curriculum Vitae;

iv)   Details of previous works.


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