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Williams Carnival 2020 Virtual Meeting
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Williams College Carnival Virtual Meeting Page

February 14-15, 2020

Location: Mt.Van Hoevenberg Biathlon Trails

2/14/20 - Relay stadium map added here: 3x5km Relay Stadium Map

        The plan is to use a 7 lane chevron start based on today’s team results.

2/13/20 - Race starts delayed to 11AM for men’s 10K. 1PM for women’s 10K. Bib pickup starts at 9AM.

2/11/20 - Link to 2.5K Loop (Relay) and 5K Loop (Classic) added below.

2/11/20 - Relay Entry Process through Bullitt Timing added.

2/10/20 - Notes added below regarding course maps, bib pickup, parking, power, food tables, venue, etc.

2/6/20 - Venue location changed to Lake Placid, NY. More details to follow.


Schedule of Nordic Events

Thursday, February 13th

1pm-5pm                 XC Course Inspection - Mt. Van Hoevenberg Biathlon Trails

Friday, February 14th

7:30 am                        Course Opens

10:00 am  11AM                Men’s 10km Classic Individual Start

12:00 pm  1PM                Women’s 10km Classic Individual Start

Saturday, February 15th

7:30 am                        Course Opens

9:30 am                        Men’s 3x5km Skate Relay

11:00 am                         Women’s 3x5km Skate Relay

12:00 12:15 pm         Awards for both days (approximately 15 30 minutes after relay finish)

NF only waxing for all races at the Williams Carnival including the skate relays.

4.12 Nordic Wax (11/19):

For EISA Carnivals that are not combined with other events.

EISA Non Fluorinated Wax List

Start Orders and Results:


Bullit Timing




Submit Entries by 12PM on Wed Feb 12th  to Bullitt Timing through your team entry spreadsheet

Bullitt Timing has added a “Relay Team” column and a “Leg” column to the team entry spreadsheets.  Relay team should be designated as 1,2,3 etc. “Leg” should be designated as 1,2,3. Teams 1 and 2 are the scoring carnival teams, teams 3+ are for open skiers. If you have extra open athletes that don’t fill a full team you can enter them in the spreadsheet. Still enter a “Relay Team” number and a “Leg” number for these skiers that don’t have a full team. Bullitt will highlight them and look at all of the extra athletes to see what mixed school teams can be made.

Seed List will be posted by 8:00 AM Thursday, Feb 13th

After reviewing the seed list please make any changes and email those changes to Bullitt Timing (cc Jason Lemieux). All Seed Lists become final at 5PM on Thursday


Course Maps:

Both races will be held on the Biathlon side of Mt. Van Hoevenberg. We will be running a 5K loop for the 10K Classic Individual Start races on Friday. The loop for the 3x5km Skate Relays will be a 2.5km loop (each athlete will ski 2x2.5km loops).

2.5K Skate Relay and 5K Classic Maps

TD Notes:

Friday’s Classic Races will have a diagonal stride technique zone.

Courses open, but only movement in the direction of race course travel is allowed.

No headphones allowed on course once races have started.


Relay Seeding:

Saturday’s relay will use a chevron start with 7 lanes. It will be seeded as follows: the first seed position will be assigned to the first team from the school with the highest team score in Friday’s race, the second seed position will be assigned to the second highest scoring team on Friday, etc. The second teams from each school will be seeded in the same order as the first teams, and the top ranked second team will be seeded immediately after the last ranked first team. Finally, any open teams will be seeded in the same way. Mixed school teams of open skiers will be seeded behind any full school teams.

Bib Pickup:

Will be available starting at 8AM 9AM on Friday and 8AM on Saturday both days in the biathlon lodge.

Parking and Power:

Plan to bring your own generators for power. Team rooms have been assigned (2 teams per room) and power is available. Please clean all rooms on Saturday before departing, so that they are in the same condition as when we arrived.

Parking will be available for team waxing vehicles and team vans. Parents, spectators and others may have to walk, ski or ride a shuttle from nearby parking.


Food Tables:

Please keep team food tables outside or in individual team rooms. If using inside rooms there are no open flames of any kind allowed.

Venue Notes:

There will be warm space for athletes in the biathlon lodge. Bathrooms inside will also be available.

Key Nordic Personnel:

Head Nordic Coach

Jason Lemieux

Cell – 541-490-2440

Assistant Nordic Coach

Gerrit Garberich

Nordic Technical Delegate

Bill Henchey

Nordic Assistant Technical Delegate

Tamra Mooney

Nordic Chief of Race

Kris Seymour

Jack Miller

Nordic Chief of Course

Mike Battisti

David Dethier

Nordic Coaches Representatives

Molly Peters – SMC

Assistant – Cory Schwartz – UNH