Greenermind Summit 2019 Workshops!

Secular Rituals

with Arvind Venkataramani & Adam Menter

We have been working on a toolkit to help design secular rituals. Our purpose is to help people navigate life transitions which are culturally not thought of as involving effort or work, and are thus unexpectedly stressful for people. We would like to share our toolkit with the community and explore ways for people to use it.

How can we value justice-oriented STEM work?

with Darshan Karwat

If we want more engineers and scientists focusing their talents on addressing issues of peace, social justice, and environmental protection, we need to devise new models and metrics to value the work they do. (e.g. what would the world look like if engineering was not driven by militarism, efficiency, and profit?) While analogies to pro bono legal work are tempting, the organizational + institutional contexts within which engineers and scientists work doesn't entirely lend to an easy translation. In this workshop, I'd love your help in thinking creatively about these challenges.  

Preparing to Raise Kids in Community

with David Jay

Whether you're a full-time parent or have a committed part-time role in a child's life, raising kids together takes a lot of trust. In this workshop we'll discuss how close friends can intentionally work towards sharing childcare responsibilities, with an emphasis on finding the trust building practices that work best for you.

Intro to Acroyoga: Movement, Communication and Touch

with Elisa Orellana

In this intro to acroyoga we will explore the benefits of this practice in our daily life. We'll learn basic partner yoga moves (aka acroyoga), tools for communicating, consent when playing with others, and the joy of exploring touch and friendship while also working out. Anyone is welcome: beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. You'll be able to base, fly and spot. It's a great activity to do with children too. Bring your yoga mat and comfortable pants!

Public Bank 101

with Elisa Orellana

Public banking is being mentioned more and more. So what is it about? How do we create a public bank? What is it for? How can it help improve our lives? From sustainability to homelessness, public banks can be the solution to help implement measures such as the Green New Deal. Learn more about it.

Ecstatic Dance

with Ethan Bialick

Ecstatic dance is a freeform dance that allows dancers to discover and unleash their self-expression. We will abide by 3 agreements: 1) Move however you wish, 2) No talking on the dance floor, and 3) Respect yourself and one another. In this workshop, we will interactively explore various skills that will be useful such as contact improv and balance shifting. The skills session will be followed by a dance session itself.

Mindful Vinyasa Yoga

with Holly Pearson

A fun and mellow flow yoga practice focused on connecting your mind, body and spirit. This practice will leave you feeling centered, inspired, and ready to change the world.

See The Art of You

with Lucy Chen

What is your life? Honestly, this is a terribly difficult question. How about joining a group of kind and creative souls to explore that hard question through drawing? This is not a session to teach you draw - but a chance for you to let the creative soul flow and let the art of you flow.

Spirituality and a Sustainable Environment

with Marilyn Waite

In this workshop, participants will be guided through various spiritual texts that call us to be environmental stewards. Structured in the Baha’i tradition, various citations will be used from world religions and indigenous customs to promote a dialogue of deepening and fruitful exchange on the nexus between environmental sustainability and spirituality.

Photo Safari

with MJ Broadbent

Learn simple tips and tricks for using your smartphone camera (or handheld camera of any kind) to see the world around you in more powerful and delightful ways. We will first discuss and share some quick basics to make photos more dynamic. We will then go off on our own (or in small groups) for a time to practice making photos that exemplify these approaches. Coming back together at the end of the session, we will do a quick “gallery walk” of different images everyone took and discuss what we discovered.  

Basic Self-Defense

with Nicholas Austin

I've been practicing martial arts for about 15 years. I've had students of varying levels, age (3-70), and physical ability. If you would like to join a very basic, but active and meditative, self-defense class, this is the time!

I’ll give a few options at the start of the class and we can decide together what folks want to learn. Martial arts is one way I zone in to the present moment and to be able to do that in nature is a treat that I'd love to share with y'all.

Types and Origins: Shaolin Kempo (China), Judo (Japan), BJJ (Brazil), Kali Sticks (Philippines) —> For a 1st lesson I’d likely start with Kempo because it requires little introduction.

Embodied Leadership: A Holistic Approach to Change Management

with Nicole Sroka

Real transformation does not occur all at once, but rather, by individuals accepting change at their own pace. Forecasting how and when individuals - as living, breathing, and dynamic beings - will act and react is not a perfect science. The key to navigating complex change to achieve lasting impact is thereby grounded in embodied leadership – emotional intelligence, mind-body awareness and behavioral psychology. In this series, you'll learn proven strategies and tactics to deal with the constant swirl of change in our professional and personal lives.

Say Bye Felicia to the Unproductive Meeting

with Rebel Sanders

About - Have you ever lead a meeting where you can actually see people’s eyes glazing over and you know that they are not going to retain much of what is being discussed? How about when you solicit feedback and you hear crickets, or when one person is monopolizing the discussion? Are you frustrated having the same discussion every time, because no resolutions are ever reached, or because most forgot their action items as soon as they walked out the door? Does everyone in your workplace groan when they receive an invite for the “meeting?”

Whether you lead meetings in the workplace, or volunteer organizations, come learn how to integrate effective teaching methodology to grab attention from the start, keep everyone mentally engaged, and actually accomplish set objectives. Learn how to target the whole brain for better retention, provide a safe environment for all team members, and make the boring meeting a thing of the past!

Salmon Ranching (Kids workshop)

with Rebel Sanders

{This workshop is for children and can be done more than once for different age groups (2-5, 6-9, 10-12).} Explore the life cycle of salmon and how we can help give them a head start in life! We will use a combination of guided play, stories, songs, and hands-on activities to discover more about these fish and their environment.

30 minutes for younger children and 60 minutes for older

Talking Across the Partisan Divide

with Stephen Cataldo

Think of difficult political conversations you've had. Maybe you can't convince someone to change their vote; maybe personal relationships are being damaged by politics.Why do we divide into left and right? Together explore many approaches to crossing that divide. See

Mastering Energy Efficiency

with Scott Cooney

Introduction to the cheapest, easiest, lowest-hangingest fruit of the sustainability revolution - energy efficiency. Mastering the mindset of efficiency will save participants a pile of money over the course of their lives and result in far fewer carbon emissions, with no need to pass laws or involve public utilities.

Just Freakin' Dance It

with Ted Ko

There's probably no better place than GMS to let out your true inner dancer and discover new ways to connect and groove with awesome people on the dance floor. This "playshop" will take you through the best of GMS "Dance Like..." games that have had people break out of their shells and bounce off the walls in unfettered dance each year.