#242 - The Angry Chicken: “The Challenge of Dungeons”


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J: Dungeon Run Challenge


Revamped HCT coming in 2018


Seat Story Cup VIII

Xixo’s winning decks

Grand Archivist in Midrange Hunter.

Spiteful Summoner + Dinosize in Murloc Pally.

Archivist & Summoner + MC and Free from Amber in Dragon Priest.



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Spell Hunter


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I was a priest, going up against the Waxmancer, the one that can copy any minion on the board with it's hero power. I mistakenly decided that playing Ice wall was a good idea, the 3/15 with Taunt that can't attack, and then doubled it's defense to make it a 3/30. I was sitting there proud of my defense when the enemy copied it. I immediately realized my error. It copied it again, and again, and again until I was up against 7 ice walls. I thought I was doomed as I would NEVER get past that madness, but then it hit me. Those can't attack or summon any more creatures, and I have 20 more cards in my deck than it did thanks to my Benedictus played a turn earlier. The enemy was unable to play any cards at all and I just ended my turn repeatedly to kill the kobold with Fatigue. On the last turn I drew confusion, and out of spite, I played it to make them all 30/3s, then played Shadowreaper Anduin to kill all of them.

Felt so good after making my original Mistake.

Never give up, Never surrender.

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Brian "BBThorn"

Dear Cheeky Chicks,

When I was mostly free-to-play, making do with sub-optimal decks bothered me much less.  It was the cost of doing business if I wasn't going to spend much money on the game.  Yes, I wanted the better cards, but I knew that I was playing on the cheap and that made me feel better about it.  Now that I'm spending $50/expansion for pre-orders, it feels extremely frustrating to repeatedly come up short on being able to make meta decks. This inability to make decks carries over from expansion to expansion; I've never crafted a Sunkeeper Tarim, and he's in practically every meta paladin deck right now.  I never managed to get a Deathstalker Rexxar, so when I opened a Rohk'delar in a recent pack I realized I couldn't make the best version of the Spell Hunter without considerable farming or spending more money.  And it's not even legendaries that are really getting to me the most right now, it's just as much the epics.  

I feel that the price point for getting (what I would define as) a reasonable fraction of the collection in an expansion cycle is just too damn high.  It might be fine for others, and that's cool; I can only decide what's right for me.  I think Blizzard could keep me buying pre-orders if I felt it got me further toward a solid collection, but right now it feels like a drop in the bucket, and that just makes me want to stop spending altogether.


Hello TAC crew,

I was thinking about Dungeon Runs and rewards.  It made me think of playing in Arenas.  Here is my question for you.  If they made Arenas free, but they offered no rewards playing in the arena, do you think more people would play? Less people?  The same?

Keep up the great work!


Hey Angry Birds,

Since Blizzard is playing Calvinball with Hearthstone formats, it got me thinking... have any of you played the 1995 Magic the Gathering game "Shandalar"? Basically, you start with a crappy deck, a small amount of life, and some money, you walk around the world going into towns doing quests (like, bring a green card to this other town, or defeat this creature that hangs out near us). If you run into an enemy in the world map, you dual them by playing a game of Magic. Each monster has a specific deck they use and starts at a different life total, so you have "easy" monsters with 4-6 life and more difficult ones with up to 20.

What if Hearthstone did a "Shandalar" style single player game?

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