Last updated: October 2, 2018

Policy Statement

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club takes player safety very seriously.  As with any injury, the player’s health will take priority over the sport of volleyball.  Where head injury (concussion) is concerned, the OFVC coaches and volunteers will follow a more specific proactive protocol.

The OFVC will insist that all players undergo baseline testing with a certified testing facility recommended by the club prior to the start of the season. (See attached letter to parents.)

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club will use the protocol used by the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (see attached appendices) regarding procedures followed when a player suffers a jarring or hit to the head.

Players deemed to have a concussion will not return to play or practice or the gymnasium without permission from a certified concussion management professional or the player’s doctor.

Players reporting concussion-like symptoms will be removed from play and from the play area.

Concussion Baseline Testing

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club takes your child’s health seriously.  We know that volleyball is a sport where injuries can happen.  If there is a concern that a player has experienced a hit to the head or jarring that may affect his or her head, at the time of the incident, our coaches will

  1. remove the player from play/play area
  2. go through and fill out our concussion check list with the player
  3. consult other people present during the incident.
  4. decide whether the player will continue with the current activity or sit out
  5. inform you as soon as possible (depending on the results of the checklist, at pick up or as soon as you can be reached)
  6. give you a copy of the checklist findings
  7. possibly encourage you to take your child to your own doctor (or the doctor recommended) for assessment and to receive a “return to play” form from the doctor.

In order to improve assessment effectiveness and ensure your child receives proper care for a head injury, we are mandating that all players receive a CCMI baseline test prior to the season’s start.  If your daughter or son has already had a baseline test done with Ottawa Fusion last year or another team, it expires after one year.  It is recommended by physicians that the test be redone each year.

Last year, each team went together at a specific time slot.  This year, we will be scheduling full-team testing on a practice night, but if an athlete cannot attend that specific evening, we are also allowing athletes to get their baseline testing done at the clinic closest to them, but to bring proof of completion to the coach before October 31st, 2018.

On the reverse of this page are a number of Back on Track clinics offering the CCMI baseline test.

Things to know:

  1. The testing will take approximately 1 hour.
  2. The fee qualifies under most benefit plans.  You will pay the fee at the location ($60) and the doctor will give you a receipt to use for your claim if you have a benefit plan.
  3. Your child will receive a “bag tag” that he or she must keep on his or her Fusion athletic bag at all times.
  4. The bag tag or verification of test completion from the clinic doctor must be shown to your team’s coach for continued participation in practice etc.


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres – Bells Corners (EVENINGS)

2006 Robertson Rd. Unit 2

Nepean, ON


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres (WEEKENDS)

515 McNeely Drive Unit 3 (Beside The Source)

Carleton Place


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres (WEEKENDS)

6 Antares Drive Ph1, Unit 3

Ottawa, Ontario K2E 8A9


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres (WEEKENDS)

6265 Perth St.

Richmond, Ontario K0A 2Z0


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres (EVENINGS)

380 Hunt Club Rd.

Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 1C1


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres (WEEKENDS)

4744 Bank Street, Unit 2

Gloucester, Ontario K1T 0K8


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres (WEEKENDS)

11 Somerville Rd.

Kemptville, Ontario K0G1J0


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres (WEEKENDS)

411 Roosevelt Avenue, Unit 309

Ottawa, Ontario K2A 3X9


Back on Track Physiotherapy & Health Centres (WEEKENDS)

5230 Mitch Owens Rd.

Manotick, Ontario K4M 1B2