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2020 Student Expectations and Acceptable Use Handbook
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School District of La Crosse
Student Expectations and Acceptable Use Handbook

Technology Services Department
March 12th, 2020

Table of Contents

Purpose        3

Care of the Device        3

General Care        3

Screen Care        3

Protective Cases        4

Security and Identification        4

Content Management        4

Downloading Content        4

Memory and Storage        5

Personal Media        5

Device Backup and Data Security        5

Use of the Device at School        6

Charging the Device’s Battery        6

Devices Left at Home or Inoperable        6

Devices Left in Unsupervised Areas        6

Sound and Headphone Use        6

Printing        7

Online and Audio/Video/Photographic Use of the Device        7

Internet Access        7

Appropriate Use        7

Audio/Video Recording and Photos        8

Managing Files and Saving Work        8

Privacy        8

Daily Use of the Device        9

Amount of Time Using the Device        9

Where to Use the Device        9

Additional Resources        9


The primary purpose of the device used in our schools is to facilitate an enhanced student-centered learning environment. Providing a device for each student brings equal access to tools that support a digital learning environment. Any other use is secondary.

Care of the Device

Students are responsible for the care and safe-keeping of the device registered to them. District-owned devices that are damaged or fail to work properly must be taken immediately to the Media Center (Library) at the school. It is expected that students will care for the device in a responsible manner. Each student will use the same device throughout their educational experience in La Crosse. In the event of damage or loss, students are responsible for the cost for repair and/or replacement of the device and accessories. Voluntary insurance for the device only, is available through the school district.

General Care

Screen Care

Protective Cases

Security and Identification

Content Management

Students are responsible for the content stored on their device. This includes files, pictures, websites visited, audio recordings, video recordings, etc.

Downloading Content

Memory and Storage

Personal Media

Device Backup and Data Security

Use of the Device at School

Students are required to bring their device to school each day. Students must bring their device to all classes unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher.

Charging the Device’s Battery

Devices Left at Home or Inoperable

Devices Left in Unsupervised Areas

Sound and Headphone Use


Online and Audio/Video/Photographic Use of the Device

Internet Access

Appropriate Use

Audio/Video Recording and Photos

Managing Files and Saving Work

  1. Students should save their work to a ‘cloud’ storage. Options at this time include iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. This allows for web access anywhere, safekeeping and storage management.
  2. Students should know that any account or files/data stored on the device is subject to review and search with reasonable cause.


Daily Use of the Device

Amount of Time Using the Device

Where to Use the Device

Additional Resources

For additional help, students are provided with a device Bootcamp to help get them started.