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Board Meeting March 8th, 2022


1925 Eye St. Bakersfield CA 93301

  1.   Call to Order: Ed Gaede 6:10pm
  2.   Invocation: Jacquie Sullivan
  3.   Pledge of Allegiance: Ed Gaede
  4.   Roll Call: David Williams, Karen Lopeteguy, Ed Gaede, Walter Grainger, Kathleen Schaffer, Armando Soliz, Jeff Hurley, Wendy Ward, Dan Schaffer, Jacquie Sullivan, Paul Burzychp, Justina Howell, Mayde Hurley, Kiki Contreras
  5.   Introduction of guest(s): Armando Soliz, Kiki Contreras
  6.   Motions to approve February 8th, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes / Vote  - Ed Gaede made motion to amend minutes to add Wendy Ward as temporary Vice President that was voted on 2/8/22 meeting 1st – Jacquie Sullivan 2nd – Dan Schaffer      
  7.   February 2022 Financial Report / Motions to Approve / Vote: Karen reported total: $7,958.37 Vote: 1st Paul Burzychp 2nd Kathleen Schaffer
  8.   Action Items from old business
  1.  New Business

      10.  New ideas / Upcoming Events / Future Committee Meetings: Jim Scott presentation, Vets w/Solera @ Huckelberry’s, Womens Club, Republican Women will be contacted. Media Blitz – Ground Breaking, Paul states a bit early for it.

      11.  Adjourn Meeting / Next board meeting Tuesday, April 11th, 2022 at 6 pm. Closes at 7:44pm 1st Dan Schaffer 2nd Jacquie Sullivan

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