Hammonton Green Committee Minutes - January 7, 2019
Monthly Meeting - Hammonton Town Hall

Green Committee Members:

_ Jeanette DePiero  X Mica McCullough  X Amy Menzel   X Linda Esposito  
_ Kerri Patton      _ Sara Verrillo   X Jen Rajkowski (new member)

Friends of the Green Committee & Guests: Charley Crowley, Nancy Fonte, Pat Fonte, Barbara Neary, Dan Bachalis, Ben Ott, Brooke Sacco, Dudley Prince
Jim Eden (Disaster Program Specialist at Red Cross)

  1. Events and Projects:



Community Garden

  • Amy will update application form for 2019
  • HCG will advertise garden openings in Gazette, at Town Planting event, Lake Cleanup, April 3rd Thursday, other events
  • Amy will request 10 yards of EcoSoil from ACUA
  • Charley will request leaves from Scott R./ Town
  • Garden Talks: Mica contacted Chris Rehmann re: orchid talk, Dudley will ask Master Gardeners for late April/May talk. Please submit any ideas to Mica.
  • Opening date of garden depends on TBD EC Lake Cleanup (early April)
  • DATES: Garden 101 sessions March 27 7:00 pm & April 1 6:00 pm & TBD opening day (must attend at least 1 session)
  • 2 workdays per month: 4/6, 4/14, 5/4, 5/19, 6/1, 6/23, 7/13, 7/28, 8/10, 8/25, 9/14, 9/29, 10/12, 10/27
  • 2-3 gardeners will be “responsible” for each workday to ensure participation
  • Ben Ott offered his push mower to the garden. We accept!
  • IDEAS: ask for donation from Home Depot, spruce up community area, landscape material from Ollies on pathways to prevent bermuda grass

Guest Speaker: Jim Eden from Red Cross

  • Home Fire education campaign opportunity to volunteer with Red Cross to educate low- and mid-income residents about fire safety & distribute free smoke alarms.
  • ~20 volunteers, (can include teens age 15+ w/ parent or waiver)
  • Bilingual materials available
  • Will schedule volunteer project date for later spring  

EC Update

  • Lake cleanup date to be set at Jan EC meeting (1st or 2nd Sat of April)
  • Tree Bank trees were granted, EC will receive & bundle them to hand out at April Third Thursday table (Mica will share vol opportunity with schools)
  • Pollinator Garden- seeking Master Gardeners for ~20-minute education piece before workdays (dates TBD)
  • EC committed $990 toward $3,000 needed to update NRI.  

April Third Thursday (4/18)  Planning

  • Taking place April 18, at Casciano’s Next Door
  • PPA & ANJEC planning, HGC will fill in as needed, help advertise event  
  • Educational materials, advertise landscape makeover & rain barrel programs, PPA native plant sale
  • Advertise Hammonton Community Garden open plots, upcoming events  

Sustainable Jersey

  • Next SJ meeting January 23 at 7:00 pm at Hammonton Arts Center (10 S 2nd St.)
  • Compiling “proof” of SJ activities can be done in Google Drive. 
  • No updates available on Rx drug collection bin/ events
  • Partial funding achieved for NRI updates

Upcoming Events

  • Single Use Plastic Subcommittee meeting Weds 1/9, 6:00 pm at Casciano
  • January 21st MLK Jr. Day Adopt-A-Road Cleanup at 10:00-- Mica has shared with Stockton SAVE & Christy Rivera @ St. Joe’s
  • Eye-Opening Film & Lecture Series Monday 1/21 6:00 pm at NextDoor, screening 60 Minutes special on Pacific Garbage Patch. permission from CBS has been received.
  • February 22 Green Drinks- hosted by Waterford Twp (location TBD)
  • March 22nd EOFLS- topic & location TBD. Any suggestions?

Open Floor: 

Next Meeting: February 4th at 7:00 pm, 3rd floor Town Hall conference room