Eighth Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team


Monday -  Module 5,  Lesson 1 & 2 : The Concept of a Function and Formal Definition of a Function.

Introduction to Functions; Complete Handouts and put  Foldable with key concepts in  Learning Log.

Tuesday -  Quiz on Learning Log;  Module 5,  Lesson 3: Linear Functions and Proportionality.  Complete handout and put in learning log.

Wednesday -  Module 5, Lesson 5: Graphs of Functions and Equations.

Thursday -  Module 5 , Lesson 6: Graphs of Linear Functions and Rate of Change.

Friday - Module 5, Lesson 7: Comparing Linear Functions and Graphs. Complete Problem set in Eureka.

EVERY NIGHT Students must be reading, writing, and  solving  problems on all unfinished assignments in their Learning Log.  LEARNING LOGS WILL BE GRADED ON TUESDAY THROUGH THE CONCEPT OF A QUIZ RELATED TO ASSIGNMENTS, PAGES, AND  ACTIVITIES.  

If any student will be out of class for any reason, such as school related activities, illness, or any other reason, they must see me on the morning they return to get all the assignments, quizzes, or test makeup dates.  If this is not taken care of, these assignments will become “F’s”.  If it is a school related function, you must see me prior to the function to get all assignments you will miss, and they will be due the next day or the day that the assignments are due for the other students . Students are excused from class for school functions, however they are told numerous times that they are not excused from the assignments.  

TUTORING in my classroom every morning (room 106). Please make use of this free resource.

Let’s get ready  for LEAP  and be prepared with all materials in class such as PENCILS, Learning Log, and Eureka Modules.


Monday--Lesson 30: Identifying claim and evidence for culminating writing task- Students will write claim, reasons to support the claim, and complete an outline for their culminating writing task (essay).

Tuesday--Writing rough draft of culminating writing task essay

Wednesday-- Editing and typing final draft of culminating writing task essay

Thursday-- Cold Read Task- Students will read two nonfiction texts and answer multiple choice questions. (The cold read task and culminating writing task essay will be one grade.)

Friday--Introduction to the Holocaust and Anne Frank in preparation for reading The Diary of Anne Frank.



Monday - District assessment for unit 5

Tuesday - Anchor phenomena for unit 6

Wednesday- Friday - natural resources & synthetic materials

Mrs. Barron:

Monday- Thermal Energy District Test

Tuesday-Friday- Unit 7: Energy and Matter

Week 1:

Gather and make sense of information to describe

that synthetic materials come from natural resources and impact society.

Social Studies

Monday- review of Unit 4 materials

Tuesday- introduction to Huey Long and his early life and political career

Wednesday- Thursday- Long’s rise to power, Share Our Wealth Program

Friday- Long on the national state- Huey as Senator and his plans for the presidency

girls Health and Pe

Physical Fitness Test

boys health and pe

Physical Fitness Test

Journey to Careers

We will finish Education and Training Cluster and begin the Marketing Cluster. Marketing assignments will be counted for the 4th nine weeks report card grades.--K. Hymel


Focus: Students are working out of their yellow book for warm-ups and, they are also working on their festival music.

Upcoming Events 

 Band Fundraisers this year:  Try to start wrapping up chocolate sales, so we can start getting to the end of the fundraiser.