Hole in One                                                                                5

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait                                                                    7

Breakfast Sandwich                                                                            7

and cheese

Stuffed French Toast                                                                                   9

sauce and topped with powdered sugar and cream cheese glaze and fresh fruit

Breakfast Burrito                                                                                   9

toasted wrap

Create Your Own Omelet                                                                11        

Additional toppings ($1.00 each):  onion, bell pepper, tomato,

mushrooms, bacon, sausage, choice of cheese

Sandtrap                                                                                13        

English muffin


Coffee                        1.5

Orange Juice                2

Mimosa                        2

Bloody Mary                 6

(with lime, celery, and bacon)


Bacon (3 slices)                3

Sausage Patty                3

Two eggs                3

Four pieces of toast        3

Home Fries                3