A Manifesto for Urban Foraging


Commoning Edible Cities

We citizens of the cities claim the right to feed ourselves and find medicine from the urban landscape;

We call the city our garden;

We are aware that while foraging people reconnect with their food, its origins, its seasonality, and shape in nature;

We dream of seeing more wild edibles everywhere in the city, and the adoption of permaculture principles to create self-sustained edible ecosystems;

With the interest of biodiversity at heart, we plant and disperse seeds without waiting for a public administration to tell us so;

We care for the edibles we feed from and seek to explore new ways to do this;

We pay attention to local regulations that protect sensitive areas and endangered species;

We are generally against the exploitation of the foraging ethos for commercial purpose, but we dream of a day where edibles will be so widespread that commercial foraging may not be a problem any longer;

We should strive towards cities that are free of soil and air contamination, and free from any fertilizers and pesticides, while raising awareness of and supporting the knowledge of related risks among urban foragers;

We share the knowledge of plants and sustainable foraging with everyone who is genuinely interested;

We find peace and comfort among nature, we honour and show gratitude to the plants and trees;

We respect the claims of all living creatures, human and non-human, to feed from plants and trees, but see the claim for life of any plant and tree superior;

We are part of nature, we are nature.