CBE Platform Question & Answer



“Provide teachers with PD based on performance of students

Are you looking to have PD courses released to teachers based on student data within LMS?

The goal is to get the right training to the teacher. The PD content can be within your platform, or using data from within the platform to point to the appropriate PD with a partner. We want the LMS data to inform what PD may be necessary based on student outcomes.

“Able to upload, administer, and report out on district verifiers

We are unsure what you mean by "verifiers" - please confirm if you are talking about standards or something else.

Verifiers are short assessments that will help us determine student mastery.  We are developing this in partnership with TE-21/Certica

“Provides an external stakeholder portal”  

There was another item about a parent portal so we are not sure what is meant by "stakeholder portal." What is the desired use of this portal?

School systems have many stakeholders beyond parents. We are looking for a portal that community would be able to see high level data on student performance. Similar to a parent portal, but would be for larger data sets not individualized.

“The ability to communicate with other systems”

  • Student Management System  
  • Teacher Evaluation System 
  • Ability to link performance to teacher evaluation”  

Is Student Management System another name for SIS?  Can you help us understand the level of data exchange / passback you would be looking for between LMS and your other systems?  Could you name specific systems to which you are referring?

Yes Student management system = SIS

The level of passbook between systems would depend on the system.

Teacher evaluation systems may have data such as student performance data that could come from the LMS to the evaluation system.

This is a bit of a moving target since the other systems are not in place. We have a SIS, but depending on state procurement that is subject to change, and the teacher evaluation system is not in place yet.

We are looking for something that can be interoperable with other systems where we can identify data that we want communicating to and from the platform. Is there a mechanism to automate data export and import into and from the system?

Can you clarify how many students and teachers (for professional development) should be included in our pricing?

Not completely clear on this question, but we have approx. 18700 students and 2000 staff.

Please clarify how you plan to use the LMS for teacher evaluation and if possible, specify the Teacher Evaluation System that you are currently using.

We use NCEES currently but are in the process of developing a teacher evaluation system that aligns with our RSS directional system. What we would want is data that could flow from the LMS on student performance so if we wished to base incentive bonus/pay or tie performance to pay that performance data of students would be shared back with the evaluation system.

How many students will be using the platform chosen? If the implementation is expected to be phased, what are the phases, their respective timelines, and expected number of students using the platform at each phase? Is it preferable to provide our full pricing levels so the District can see the potential costs at different adoption levels or does the district need a bottom line price?

We plan on purchasing for the entire school district so that we have the ability to move as quickly as we are able to do so. We will be piloting pieces in varied schools but we do  not want our pace of implementation  to be restricted by licenses. For this reason, we are more inclined for an all inclusive price.

How many schools will be using the LMS? Will this be a certain number in year 1 vs year 2, etc.?

We intend to purchase for all of our Approx. 18700 students across all schools so that the implementation can move without issues of licensing.

The RFP introduction mentions the creation of a customized 3-5 year professional development plan, but this is not mentioned elsewhere (like under the Summary of Specific Services/Products and Requirements or the Contents of Proposal for Selection Committee sections).

Does the district want a sample implementation plan included in the RFP response? If so, where should it be included?

Yes we want the PD plan included in the bid. It will be evaluated under  “Demonstrated knowledge of competency based learning platform and implementations” Section of the criteria

We would like a sample implementation plan to be included. Where in the bid is not important. It may have it’s own section if desired.

When does the District want to begin implementation of the platform chosen?

We will begin implementation in select schools during the 2021 -2022 school year.

The RFP does not specifically mention references. If they are expected, where should they be included, how many references, and what specific information should be provided?

Your bid should have a section that you include your references. It may be included anywhere in your bid proposal. Number of references is up to you. We would prefer references that are of partnerships of similar scope and projects of similar size.

Will the questions and related answers submitted by all RFP respondents be shared?

Yes Q&A will be made available to all

Was the pre-bid meeting on February 26th recorded? Could a copy of the recording be provided?

No it was not recorded.

What is the timeline for the selection process, including anticipated timing for notification of selection for vendor presentations, vendor presentations, award announcement, contract signing, implementation start?

The current timeline is the steering committee will review bids received on the 12th. The top candidates will be asked to present their product to a team of teachers, staff, and support personnel. That team will make a feedback to the steering committee which will take the scoring of the bid and the presentation feedback to make a recommendation to go before the BoE in their April Session. Upon approval implementation could start after approval.

Are you intending to use current subscriptions in addition to the awarded vendor or is the intention to replace your current subscriptions?

It is our initial intention to streamline our resources over a period of time.

Related to requirement "Integration with current LMS (Canvas) to allow built content to come over to new LMS "- can you provide further specification of what is required of that integration?

We are desiring that content built in this system would be able to be exported to another system or content from our current system would be able to be imported to it. Such as common cartridge

Are you open to a response that includes custom development?

Yes we understand that a product may not have all this built in and  may need to customize. If so we would want to have a timeline for development and deployment.

Can you highlight what workflows you are expecting from the new system that is currently not available in your current platform?

As we move to a competency based education system, we want to ensure that this mindset is  supported by our LMS and assessment systems.  The requirements speak to the desired system moving forward and not anything regarding our “current state”