Ideas for staying connected


Educators to children and families:

Making videos of songs sung frequently in the classroom

Making videos of common Baby Signs sings used frequently in the classroom

Sharing a list of materials the children use in the classroom

Sharing recipes

Setting up Zoom calls with all children in the classroom

Mailing postcards and letters to the children so they get mail

Making one on one facetime calls with children

Sharing the Spotify playlist that is often used in the classroom

Offering daily challenges for the children:

                Create a structure as tall as you

                Write a letter or draw a picture for someone in assisted living

                Make a puppet

                Draw your favorite character from a book, movie or video

                What materials can you collect on a walk?

                What is one kind thing you can do for each family member today?

Having a virtual dance party via zoom

Sharing videos of how the children use materials with questions for continuation at home

Making a video with the school fish so the children know the pets still at school are doing okay

Introducing pets, plants or spaces in their homes

Writing haikus for each child in the class

Leading online yoga

Suggesting remote locations for geocaching



Families to the classroom community:

Parents sharing a video of a musical performance / playing an instrument

Making a scavenger hunt for things you might see on your neighborhood walk

Sharing a video of how children are playing at home

Sharing videos of meal time

Sharing suggestions of books adults are reading and enjoying

Sharing new recipes that have been tried

Posting photos and videos of pets in the house

Making videos of the classroom pets who are staying with families

Sharing photos of plants that are starting to sprout in gardens

Sharing what a daily schedule at home is like

Showing photos of children tracing their whole body and then filling in organs/bones using a book for reference

Offering videos and step by step tutorials of children following a recipe

Suggesting music that can be the inspiration for a dance party

Making videos of children dancing, moving silly, etc. with an invitation for children to be inspired and make their own movements, dances, etc.

Children creating a verbal review and description of the rocks that were collected on a nature walk

Children sharing drawings of the places they look forward to visiting eventually

Children introducing their favorite toys to one another through Facebook and asking to meet the favorite toys of their classmates

Children sharing a photo of a fort they built with a request for others to make forts too. And with an extended invitation to facetime one another in their forts.

Naming their ‘home school’ and inviting others to do the same

Sharing a video of a child singing hello to all their classmates first thing in the morning

Parents sharing suggestions of local hiking trails that are wide enough for social distancing

Children jumping off something in their yard and wondering what classmates have at their home that can be jumped off

Children wondering from how far a dog can fetch a ball and what is the best way to throw a ball for a dog

Sharing St. Patrick’s Day traditions

Offering a photo or drawing as inspiration for others to paint, draw or interpret

Inspiring a pajama fashion show

Sending birthday wishes to classmates