Data Quality Steering Committee

5/16/2018 Meeting Minutes

Date: 5/16/18

Time: 10:00AM to 12:00PM

Location: The Learning Center, All Chicago



Dana Kraus, Co-Chair


Christophe Valcourt


Members: Dana Kraus; Tawanda Acosta; Lavon French (phone); Chris O’Hara; Licia Knight; Melvin Alexander; Margarita Gonzales; Keith Richardson; Ashlye Richardson; Paul Ireland

Guest: Heather Mueller; Gilberto (A Safe Haven)

Staff (HMIS Lead): Padma Thangaraj; Christophe Valcourt  


Dorothy Yancy; Felicia Hinton; Wendy Avila




The meeting was called to order at 10:04am. Attendees introduced themselves.



Attendees reviewed the agenda and minutes. For the agenda, Padma asked to revise the fee for service item to reflect changes in the structure of user trainings. For the minutes, Dana asked for a revision in the discussion around the need for a co-chair in the Membership Update, as Margarita was identified as a new co-chair, but was not yet formally voted in.


Licia motioned to approve the minutes, Margarita seconded, and there were all ayes.


Attendees reviewed the governance charter. Padma explained that the committee would still meet to discuss governance and policy, but would also function more as a workgroup, which might change based on the direction of the new board. Tawanda clarified that the new structure does not require specific representatives in the committee, but there needs to be clear and consistent membership. Attendees noted the rigidity of the past membership structure and discussed how long an individual should attend meetings to be considered a member. Attendees identified 2 years as a good baseline for both membership and leadership. Discussion turned to updating the committee roster (e.g., adding Ashlye and Lavon, removing the names of inactive members) and seeing who should be replaced. Christophe will follow up with Felicia Hinton to see if she will come to future HMIS meetings. Outreach will also happen to AFC (for Dominique Vodicka), Thresholds (for Debbie’s replacement), and Catholic Charities (for Mallorie’s replacement).


It was decided that the committee would meet 4 times a year (February, May, August, November), the 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 10AM to noon.


A vote took place to nominate Margarita as the co-chair. Tawanda made the motion and Licia seconded the motion. There were all ayes.


Padma clarified that although the committee would meet just 4 times a year, special committees can be activated when necessary.


Dana and Lavon discussed the new work and membership structure of the DQSC, making it more of an action group. Additionally, a decision was made that SSN, DOB, and name errors would no longer count against agencies in the data quality report (shown as data issue rather than error). Attendees asked for clarification on the issue and what impact it would have on their 5% threshold. Tawanda asked if the DQSC has a work plan and stated that consistent members need to be identified due to the importance of that group’s work. Licia mentioned that more rigid guidelines for the group’s structure may need to remain and that changes made by the DQSC need to be brought back to the HMIS Committee. After conversation on the changing communication between the two groups, Padma explained the DQSC was shifting its functions as a workgroup and committee and that the DQ work group could make decisions more independently, but would still meet every quarter and add more members from the coordinated entry side to address DQ issues. Tawanda said she was fine with the group being more independent, but that they need to identify a work plan as well as their consistent members. Licia suggested the need for a secretary and the need to keep DQSC as a part of the HMIS Committee agenda. Margarita asked that Sal be a part of the HMIS Committee leadership call to bring back information from the DQSC. Chris stated that the next meeting was going to be when leadership roles could be better defined. Dana said she will bring the raised concerns back to the DQSC. Melvin expressed concerns about not being able to stay in the loop on all the things that workgroups were doing and Dana and Padma explained that the CoC listserv has information on the workgroups and that the information for the HMIS Committee and DQSC would be updated based on what is finally decided by those groups. Licia and Margarita asked for an easier way to keep track of the communication of the workgroups than the listserv, perhaps sending information to co-chairs so people can keep better track of the meetings. Padma said she would take these issues back to the Project Managers team.



Padma informed attendees that Ken has left All Chicago and his work has now been spread across the HMIS team. She let the group know of Heather being at the meeting. Chris asked about the PSH and RRH groups and stated that LEC members have not been active participants in those groups. Padma said that the groups came from the CE line of work led by Stephanie and Renee. The CE-HMIS workgroup has plans on getting started, but will only start when specific action items have been identified.



Margarita discussed the meeting of the CE-PSH Work Group and the assignments that came out of the meeting, including key action items on matching, referrals, and how best to frame a question on SRO units and their setup. Those action items would guide the make-up of subgroups within the larger group around Rapid Re-Housing and families. Keith asked for clarification on the SRO setup issue and Margarita, Licia, and Dana provided more context around the process of a client assessment and how the marketing of an SRO unit to a client (e.g., bathroom setup) could impact how willing they would be to take the unit as permanent housing.

Licia also added that the issue would be brought back to the HMIS Committee for next steps and that the vision of the CE team was good in identifying priorities. She suggested keeping the CE-PSH workgroup as a line item to regularly bring back updates to the Committee. Margarita stated that there are a lot of providers in the work group, which helped push the work forward.

Dana mentioned not having participated in those meetings and wanting to reach out to staff at Deborah’s Place to make sure the agency is represented at the meetings. The CE-PSH Workgroup will meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month.



Padma stated that the HMIS-CE workgroup has not formed yet and is waiting to hear back on what action items are to be prioritized for this group.




Padma informed the group that changes have been made to the Notices and Consents, which will be rolled out on June 1. Padma also shared changes to the delivery of trainings by putting them on a Learning Management Software, with some charges for training tracks. A soft launch is occurring now. Chris asked if the fees would be based on the size of an agency and Padma stated that trainings would be provided based on project type, and that after a new user training, a user gets charged based on the project track they go onto. Margarita stated that CoC membership dues should be waived or lowered to put less of a burden on Service Providers as they try to balance their agencies’ budgets. She asked that this request be put to the Membership Committee, as the money is there, but is not used often. Dana explained that agencies just submitted their budgets recently and cannot make changes until next year, but wanted to know what ATAs or users would get out of the new charges. Licia says this is the first time she is hearing about these charges, and that it is important if this gets started in the new year as agencies cannot include the HMIS fees in their current budget. Attendees discussed what is the right committee to reach out to on this issue (Membership, Finance) and how to determine if those membership fees could be used to cover the HMIS fees.  


Padma clarified that face-to-face new user trainings will still occur (but less frequently) and that no costs will occur until September. Dana raised the issue that interns have been brought on to solve for the lack of Skilled Assessors, but agencies will now get charged for training those new skilled assessors. Padma stated that she spoke with the Skilled Assessors and CE team and that the number of skilled assessors to have is being re-strategized. The charges are not applied to Skilled Assessors, but just for people on the HMIS side. Internal conversations still need to happen and the recertification fees would not start until next year. Padma noted providers still need more clarity on what this all means. Dana said she has been reviewing what users are at her agency and what needs to be budgeted for them. Chris raised the issue of the Finance Committee having not met yet and that committee not addressing funding needs for the LEC that were raised to the Membership Committee. Margarita noted larger agencies with different projects would be impacted by those training changes. Tawanda asked if the rollout in September could waive the fees and give agencies the opportunity to redo their budgets to see what adjustments need to be made. Padma said she would reevaluate and get back to the group. She then offered more context on the creation of the fee structure to build up HMIS capacity. Licia recommended taking the fee structure back to the providers and having a Finance liaison to ensure a more inclusive process. Discussion turned to what communication was occurring between the HMIS side and the funding side at agencies. Margarita stated that she understood the need for the fees, but felt the timing of the fees is problematic, especially for agencies with a lot of users and projects.


Heather said the membership due issue would be brought back to the Project Managers meeting. She also clarified the need to identify the proper lines of work that can address the various issues raised in the discussion. Keith raised the issue of the limits of the LEC budget and how it is impacted by less attendance as committee get disbanded. Padma said she will take back the issues and concerns for further review.



Paul Ireland was introduced at the meeting. He explained he is still learning what the committee is all about.


The next meeting will be on Wednesday August 8 (10AM to 12PM) at All Chicago.


Keith motioned to adjourn the meeting, Chris seconded, and there were all ayes


Meeting Adjourned 11:53AM.


HMIS Committee Meeting