Friday, October 19, 2018

Lunch Today:

 Right Side of Commons: Chicken chunks, double cheeseburger, grilled chicken sandwich, seafood sub or made order subs and wraps.

Left Side of Commons:  Dominos’ cheese or pepperoni pizza, stuffed cheese sticks with marinara, michigan salad, variety of salads, yogurt bar, soft taco’s or make your own nachos.

The Girls Who Code Club will...

•Learn the concept of loops, variables, conditionals, and functions that form the basis for all programming languages using Scratch. This opens their ability to build a website, an app, or a robot.

•Work in teams to design and build a Computer Science Impact Project that solves real world problems they care about through code.

Girls Who Code will meet on Wednesday evenings 6:00 – 7:30 pm at Saginaw Valley State University (Science East 145).  This club will run through December 5, 2018

The club will not meeting on October 31st and November 21st. If interested, there is a sign-up sheet outside Mrs. VanDriessche's Door C126.  Simply sign you name and Mrs. VanDriessche will send the information on registration to email listed for your parent(s).