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77.3 Reboot
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77.3 Reboot

Today, I’m on a Stoic reboot for Internet Marketing.  Points will be notated and then transferred to ChkLines.

141. Getting up at or before 3:33 am is proving easy.  Getting started on the day’s work is harder.  At least I have the coffee made and started work at 4:00 am.

142. My marketing efforts have been anemic lately.  I have too many things I’m trying to learn and do at once.  Time to reboot and concentrate on what works.

143. What we often forget is that marketing is marketing.  The Internet is just a medium to get your message across.  We often forget some old time basics of marketing like direct response, but it’s coming back.  Affiliate marketing requires something somewhat different in that your copy is pre-selling, not selling.  Yet you could consider it direct response marketing for the click, not the sale.  You have to depend on the product vendor’s sales page to complete the transaction.

144. When I think of marketing giants, I think of Gary Halbert and Joe Karbo.  These were guys that wrote long copy for newspapers and magazines that sold products directly to the consumer by mail order.  This is the old school version of your current online sales pages, and much more difficult to do.

145. I find it hard to come up with original ideas.  Not that I should.  I am a decent researcher and curator.  Besides, ideas are a dime a dozen.  Actions are what counts.  I’m out to reinvent myself, not the wheel.

146. I am out to repurpose as many solid direct marketing concepts as I can into Walkabout Solopreneur and modify as necessary for the web.  Much of the old school copy is hyppy and outdated, but the core concepts are not.  Persuasive writing and tight copy are often missing today because you are not bound by the length of a magazine page or direct mail piece.  Print imposes discipline a webpage does not. ~

147. “Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

148. Picasso may not have been the first to use this phrase, but it’s true.  If you find ideas from the marketing masters, you can quote them, or rewrite them and make them your own.

149. My main concept for Walkabout Solopreneur is that I can take a homeless vet or single mom and teach them a way to earn money online in the fastest way possible and for free if they have no money to spend.  Not new.  Years ago, Travis Sago came up with the idea of Bum Marketing.  Essentially, it was writing articles and posting them online in free locations and monetizing using affiliate marketing.  Times have moved on, but the concept remains.

150. Nothing will hinder your business more than lack of cash flow.  Money is what makes business tick.  When you are starting out in Internet marketing, getting the pump primed is hardest of all when you may be making progress but you can’t see the results in sales.  I will show you the ways to track certain metrics that will lead to income, especially when marketing is not direct.

151. Virtually any business problem can be solved with money.  When you don’t have it, you have to be ultra creative.  Affiliate marketing used to be frowned upon by big companies.  Now Google and Facebook and Huffington Post and more litter their pages with affiliate banner ads.  Marketers buy impressions by the million and hope for enough sales to cover the advertising costs.  You have to monitor the buys minute by minute to prevent a bad ad from costing you thousands in a day.

152.I know individuals in Florida making 5 figures a month just managing ads.  This is obviously not an option for most people interested in Walkabout Solopreneur.  We will concentrate on totally free, anytime, anywhere income.  If you make enough money, that type of affiliate marketing - essentially arbitrage - is something you can look into.

153. If you didn’t go into business or create your side hustle to make money, you are either lying or you have a hobby.  Even if you did go into business for the money, and you are not making a significant income, you have a hobby.

154. Depending on what you believe, between 50% and 90% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years.  You’ve seen that statistic before.  Businesses fail for many reasons, but the main one is cash flow.  The downside to WS is that it takes longer to get an online business off the ground using totally free resources.  It also makes entry barriers to that business almost nonexistent, meaning more competition.  The upside is that failure will not put you out of your home.

155. Once you master affiliate marketing, you can use those skills to move into any number of other niches.  What it does is allow you to screw up at someone else’s expense.  

156. One of the objectives of WS is to make a full-time recurring income as an affiliate.  It’s difficult because products and trends change quickly online.  You can have pages listed on Google in the organic search results, and a change in Google’s algorithm can destroy your income.  That’s why as you learn affiliate marketing using reviews and articles, you will be building an authority site that can weather any destruction of a single marketing method.

157. As we go along, I will be sharing no cost marketing tools that you can download or increasingly, use online from any Internet connected computer.  A Chromebook is so cheap (under $200), it’s within the reach of almost everyone, or you can buy one when you start making money.  Until then, most public libraries and other places have Internet access for free.

158. As part of reinventing WS, I may take the bus down to the main library and test out their computers to see for myself.

159. I do want to concentrate only on the marketing tasks that make money fast.  If you cannot see results in a reasonable amount of time - sales listed in your Clickbank or Amazon accounts, for example - you will likely quit.  Or look for a job.

160. If you can’t go it full-time right now, map out 10 - 20 hours a week to create your side hustle.  The easiest way is to quit watching TV.  If you can’t do that, record all your favorite show on the DVR, and cut out 22% of your time waiting for commercials to end.  Lock away yourself from the family, or take your laptop to Starbucks where thousands work at their “offices”.

161. What you don’t want when you create your business is to set up a low-paying job for yourself.  That’s why I preach online and anytime, anywhere income.  You can write a product review and post it all over the Internet.  You can promote it at 2 pm or 2 am, or automate the posts.  This is what happens when technicians and professionals go it alone in their own business.  Sometimes it’s better to work for someone else without all the stress of paying the bills.

162. Many people go from working for a rotten boss in a rotten company to being a rotten boss in their own rotten company.

163. For people who are distressed or homeless, I do recommend forming your own company or LLC to handle business, but you probably won’t have the money to do that upfront.  Also, getting a checking account can be difficult for some people without stable addresses.  If you are receiving public benefits like Social Security, food stamps, and health care, and you start making money, you could lose more than you make.  With a corporation or LLC, you can shift your legitimate business expenses to the company.  That’s a long topic.  But when you are ready, be sure to find a good tax advisor.  You can probably get that for free too is some state sponsored job placement office in your town or city.

164. The business side of affiliate marketing can be harder than learning to navigate the world of web business.  At a minimum, you will need a bank account where you can deposit checks from the affiliate networks, or someone who can help you access that income.

165. One thing I need to do is meet with people from Sulzbacher and see what the homeless do to cash checks.

166. As a professional marketer, you will pick and choose from within WS to see what methods work for you.  You may be a great writer who can explain common problems in layman’s terms and guide your readers to an affiliate product solution.  If you are better in front of the camera, you can make videos on your smartphone, upload to YouTube, and do the same thing.  

167. Walkabout Solopreneur is a plan.  Can you imagine flying on an airplane where the pilot did not go through a pre-flight checklist?  Over the next 77 days, I will be detailing all you need to do to become WS, or a modern bum marketer.  Free tools today are better than all the most expensive software was 10 years ago.  Hell, maybe even 5 or 2 years past.  I will share ChkLines that cover basic to advanced tools and give some pro options for those that need it.  For example, you can use free web hosting to build your business, but that web host could shut down any second.  Also, when you post to Facebook, you don’t really own that content - Facebook does.  You will want your own hosting and own domain to look professional and to protect your unique content.

168. If you get tired of writing and posting, I will also share a number of services that do curation for you.  This way, you can mix curated YT videos among your posts.

169. A traditional business plan is useless for a WS.  It’s not that you don’t need to plan, but you are an organization of one.  The process is important.  You want to read through the WS site, and really create a marketing plan.  Most business plans have a skimpy marketing plan because owners and managers are lacking in this area.  As a Walkabout Solopreneur, your marketing plan is your business.

170. Big business owners will spend money to save time and get ahead.  As a WS, you will have to compensate by spending time wisely.  It’s easy to get distracted while working online, especially when you’re sitting in Starbucks.  Think of wasted time as wasted money.

171.  Having lived in Broward County and now Duval, the elections are a mess still.  If this fraud is allowed to happen, we could be heading to a real revolution.  I don’t think the average person knows how critical this mess is.


173. For relationships, I need to spin an article on the day game, and link to the best PUA sites, especially Kezia Noble.

174. Marketing is a strategy that includes advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations, and sales.

175. Marketing largely remains the same as the tactics change.  For example, I want my business phone to ring.  But who uses the Yellow Pages anymore?  You can just tell your smartphone to call Joe’s Plumbing.  Same result.  Different tactic.

176. We should not waste time being afraid of the past, the future, uncertainty, other people, new ideas, or new situations.  Fear can immobilize anyone.

177. Instead of worrying about what you are doing, pay close attention to what you are not doing that may be slowing your progress.

178. What are the true needs of the IBMs*?  I know mine.  But what about others who can maybe school me on the plight of other boomer males?  I need to create some polls to run on Facebook or elsewhere.  I may need to do more on LinkedIn because I  believe more IBMs use it than other social media.  I have been reactive thus far in my life regarding health, wealth, and relationships.  Now I have to turn the ship around.

179. AI:  Boomer Memories.  I don’t know what caused the memory, but when I was in first grade, there were so many of us that the elementary school ran a split shift while new schools were being built.  Later, in high school, my girlfriend told me her first grade teacher was Miss Hill, as was mine.  I never knew her before high school.  Later, when the two of us graduated from UVA in 1975, the sheer numbers of baby boomers entering the workforce made getting good jobs difficult, but it was still easier than today.  I left for the Peace Corps in Korea.  I don’t know exactly what she did, but a friend told me she died.  I found her obit.  She was a controller CPA with the Commonwealth of Virginia.  She will be missed.  Damn, I just found her mother’s obit.  She was a gem.  I wished I had reached out to her before she passed.


181. One skill I want to develop is posing irresistible questions aka Dr. Phil.  I am hampered by not really being interested in other people’s personal lives.  For me, it’s better online in the form of a poll or survey.  Also, I need to keep my ears open for good questions others are asking.

182. The greatest habit you can ever break yourself of is the habit of being yourself.  Especially if you’ve allowed yourself to drift into an abyss.

183. Empowerment comes when we have to look deep inside and evaluate our beliefs.  Sadly, a close friend had to face the prospect of delivering a Down’s baby.  I won’t tell you her decision, but no solution seems right.

184. IBMs*:  embrace change as a choice, not a reaction.

185. Often, it takes a worst case scenario to begin making changes.  Hitting rock bottom.  Starting over at ground zero.

186. As IBMs*, can we afford to wait for disaster to strike?  Wait for what?  Until we get old?  

187. Hard as it is to believe, your subjective mind has an effect on your objective world.  Where you direct your attention is where you will place your energy.  Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.  To revitalize my marketing, I will focus on article marketing to build up my primary domains.

188. Your world is mostly made up of energy.  Your body is 1% physical and 99% energy, yet we obsess over the 1%.

189. If you allow your outer or external world to control how you think and feel, you will get more of the same.

190. To change, you must be greater than all things physical in your life.  It’s not enough to rely on positive thinking.  Much of who we are resides in our subconscious and manifests itself as negativity in the body.  Hence, dis-ease.  

191. We either live in anticipation of future events, or repeatedly revisit past memories (or both).  The body then believes it is living in a time other than the present.

192. When you learn to use your attention to access the present, you will enter the quantum field where all potential exists.

193. I need to make sure I start writing fast in the morning.  Once people start waking up, distractions abound.  We used to call it “hit the ground running” in the State Department.

194. We all get caught up in shiny object syndrome.  We try the latest marketing tricks to get ahead.

195. The paradox is that willpower is actually easier if you make no exceptions.  No piece of cake on your birthday.  No stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner.  I know there will be temptations galore over the next 77 days.  But I am a bigger man than that.

196. When you think about it, unless you are in prison, you control all the food that goes into your mouth.  No one makes you wolf down grains, sugar, and other processed carbs.  No one.  My problem is that I have to go 100% in on the plan.  Not 98%.  Not 99%.  I will eat a low fat, plant based, vegan diet.

197. If you can’t control your mouth, you can look forward to sickness, neuropathy, and death earlier than your time.  Thousands of tips and pieces of advice for diabetics litters the Internet.  Many that do work like The Big Diabetes Lie are not doable by me.  If you like salads and raw foods, go for it.  I can only do vegan with cooked foods, especially my vegetable soup, which is excellent.  The nutritionist at UF Shands says not to worry about raw.

198. Fitness is key.  Eat the right foods.  Move your body.  Sleep.

199. As far as wealth goes, I need to master all of the online tools and software I have purchased lately to create that elusive full time income online.  As much as I hate it, to get that passive income online, you have to build a list.  In addition to the lists, I need to create niche websites/blogs, YouTube videos, and my own ebooks.  I expect to publish between 1 and 6 ebooks on Kindle in the next 77 days.

200. Google has a way of killing thin sites that are not updated on a regular basis.  You want to create an authority website.  Authority sites are big.  Amazon.  CNN.  Huffington Post.  Google knows that your 5 page site is not an authority.  Tons of pages are crucial.  But the pages cannot all be curated or garbage.  Google seeks out quality content that creates a better user experience.  Everyone has searched a keyword and gotten a black hat bogus result.  Google has people rooting those results out constantly.

201. While the bot can’t actually read your words, it can tell how long a visitor stays on your site, how many pages are visited, and how quickly a visitor bounces off the site.  Visitors will bounce off a bad site like a fart in the wind.  Good sites are maintained and updated regularly.  I have a number of domains not doing much business, so as I learn more, I have to set up a regular update schedule to make sure they rank.

~ Chaz